Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Ready to Break Our Urban boondock camp...

 ... in my sisters back yard... and run back to the desert... I wonder how many camps this makes now?... I shoulda kept track!

But, the pranks are done ;) most of the packing is done... the new laptop is here... and it's time to roll, get outa town... and get myself back to work before I starve to death! :)

Just fill with water, make a supply stop for bagels and beer and we'll head for Quartzsite... juuuuust in time for a stormy weekend/week. ;)

The packing took most of yesterday to be honest. Figured it was a good time to really sort things a bit while the sun was shining & I was waiting on UPS to show up with my new Toshiba  WORK laptop from

They gave me plenty of time too! According to their tracking it was loaded on the truck for delivery yesterday morning at 5:20 and wasn't delivered till well after 6PM last night. That ol' boy is workin' some hours!

 Last night a few hours were spent beginning the setup of this new laptop. Had to run up to Walmart and grab a fresh flash drive to build a recovery media... considering my relationship with Murphy!

I can already say... wow! after working on that lil' 10" Acer since... October or so... being back on a 15.6" screen... ShazAAAAMMM! It's like being in an IMAX theater! :) and nice to have a full size keyboard again too!

It'll take another few days I'm sure to get all the ee-lek-trawnik furniture arranged and remembered in my new digs. But so far, I'm liking this machine quite a bit... and it's a Windows 8 outfit!!

Yeah... I know... I resist "Change" and some folks warned me off of going with the new microsoft system... but I figured... That's where it's all gonna go eventually... so might as well get it over with now, since I gotta go through the ordeal of learning a new computer anyway.

What with having to rebuild those 400 or so website pages over the next few months, I guess I'll get a crash course on gettin' up close and personal with this thing! ;)

anyhoo... back to that packing. It took some time for a couple of reasons; The first is that over time, "things" seem to migrate around a rig into a discombobulated jumble. As that happens a variety of junk collects adding to the confusion. Then, I try... and I emphasize TRY, to live by the mantra; add something thing new... remove something old.

It's about the only way to keep a rig from bloating up into an axle busting outfit.

So... by yesterday afternoon I'd culled a few bits and pieces of plain old junk as well as one of our folding tables. The new Work Bench (The one thing new) will do the job of the old table holding the grill/stove in camp... until one of the planned projects gets completed... and then it'll just be a work bench.

Once day breaks and we get moving... unless the schedule gets changed... I should be turning off the light back in camp in the desert around Bouse/Quartzsite tonight.

Goin' in Circles but Still Moving


Dragonfly said...
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Dragonfly said...

Enjoy your drive, be careful and may you find the best darn boondocking site in Quartzite.

Wapiti said...

Brian, I am reading the second book, Heart of a man. Keep up the good work, and write faster. I will be out of reading shortly. Take care.

michael wilkerson said...

Brian, I guess it's about time I chime in and tell you I enjoy your writing. I full time and am currently in Quartzsite. When you get in holler and I'll buy you some of the great 25 cent coffee available all over town.

Patricia C. O'Neill said...

Hi Brian, I looked for an email to contact you and did not find any...
I bought all the archives since 1937 of Desert Magazine on DVDs. They are all safe and sound on my computer now. Hubby copied them too. Instead of disposing the DVDs, I thought about spreading the goodness around and I am pretty sure you will enjoy reading the stories.
If you are interested, just drop me a line at with a mailing address and I'll put them in the mail.
Take care.

Brian said...

Dragonfly and Wapiti; Thank you! Careful is for townies ;) Biker Cowboys have to test the wind! :) and wapiti... I'm writin' as fast as I can ;) broke equipment has obstructed my work... so as I figure out the new tools I should get to rollin' again! :) You might want to try the Third book (series #2- A pair of second chances) I think it's better than the other two. ;)

Michael; I'm parked at about the two mile mark on Plomosa road... off the south side. There's only one "access" point there. It has one of those flat Plastic "BLM" posts. Cross the first lil' drainage and then go right a couple hundred yards... can't miss the big red motorcycle! :)