Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Days I'm Startin' to Feel Like Ricochet Rabbit!

I don't know how other folks maintain when they're multi-tasking... it starts makin' me feel like a circus ride... one of those deals where you're spinnin' and swingin' and can't get your bearings for which way is up!

I've been repairing and re-repairing water heaters, cleaning up, modifying and repainting truck beds, changing motorcycle exhaust pipes, carving baby albums... swapping motorcycle saddle bags, replacing door knobs at the store, finishing and editing novels... starting two more books! :) chasing coons and zapping rattle snakes...

... baby sitting grandkids... I'm betting Heidi will claim the heavy lifting there! :) ... and giving some "Leather work lessons" to a very good friend... and I'm sure I've missed a thing or three...

I've been commuting back and forth twixt here and Denver the past few days cuz we've had to be in both places at once a time or two... and I've still got a chore or four to get done here before I can load my customized scooter and haul for Wyoming! :) but... I've got another circle or two to make to Denver!

Good thing I don't have any hair left... the wind drag would kill my fuel mileage runnin' around like a crazy townie!

*Duplicolor Bed Armor coated*
Not a very sexy pic... but you almost couldn't see most of those "Diamonds" before with all the spilt stucco...

Stripping that crud off there in 90 something weather with a wire wheel on an angle grinder was a fun deal...

Several times my belly looked like an imitation porcupine from all the wires pokin' out of it that broke off the wheel...

*getting cleaned*
*All Shined up and Painted*

When I'd gotten the bed all stripped I recoated it with some bed coating from an outfit called Duplicolor... They make a thing called "Bed Amour"... It's a rubberized coating material... So far it's working pretty good... seals up nice and leaves a pretty good traction surface so you're not slippin' and sliding when you walk around on it.

The thing is it's $11 bucks and change an aerosol can... I used three cans... to tell the truth I should have used six... My coating is a lil' thin I think. They make a whole kit that you roll on for about $85... in hindsight... the kit was probably the better deal... ;) I'll likely add another coat when I get paid again :)

*The RV Tow rig bed cleaned up*

I reworked the tie downs and how the chock is bolted on too... cleaning up all that. Looks pretty decent without that headache rack on their and freshly coated and rustless! :)

Now... it's back to Denver to continue the mods on the scooter so I can get gone from the Front Range... Productive or not!

*Raider work in progress*
A couple more days... I think... and then I can sit in a quiet camp and get my word whittling work done while completing the Baby Album...

Whew! I'm gettin' dizzy again...

Racin' the Sun


Mike said...

Hard bags???!! Be careful or the next additions will be a fairing/windshield and trunk too! Or you could just trade the Raider in on a full fledged Geezer-Glide.


Brian said...

Don't hold your breath waiting on seeing a fairing ;) and THIS geezer is ALWAYS gonna be on a Performance Cruiser... Not one of those Two Wheeled Couches :)

Anonymous said...

"THIS geezer is ALWAYS gonna be on a Performance Cruiser... Not one of those Two Wheeled Couches"

Yep that's what I said but these days I'm enjoying my rollin' couch.