Saturday, July 14, 2012

Perfection... I Kinda Hope it Never Happens...

 Stay with me... this is a mite convoluted... What did you expect? It came from my brain pan!

He don't want perfection???

Seriously! Do you wander to get somewhere? Or... Do you roam because ROAMING is what puts the giggle in your wiggle?

I think it was Hemingway (among others) that said something along the lines of; "If you stop doing things for fun ~ You might as well be dead."

Close calls are OK... but ... If you achieve perfection it seems to me the trip is over. I know it's one of many cliche's but it remains the straight up deal; For me it has always been for the journey, not the destination... I truly don't really like Getting There.

Finding the Perfect Place would be awful for a gypsy! It would wipe out the hunger to wander... It would be like plucking all the feathers of an Eagle.

Take horses; What is the perfect horse? Well, what are you gonna do with it? 1/4 mile races? 4 mile? 100 mile endurance race? Trail riding on Sunday afternoon in the park? or ploughing 40 acres for soy beans?

Every one of those animals has different attributes so finding the "One" perfect animal is an exercise in futility.

A lot is said and asked and prophesied about what constitutes the Perfect RV...  I for one don't believe such a creation exists. In fact, I question the idea of looking for it. Such an idea to me is awful limiting ain't it?

I mean what's your chocolate? Luxury RV resorts sitting on the Beach and drinking them things with the lil' umbrellas in 'em?  Backing into a National Forest Campground beside the folks from New Jersey who are awed by the distances in the west? or Boondocked six miles back in, up a one lane forest logging road at 10,000 feet?

There's so many choices and options; to figure there's a Perfect Rig just seems impossible to me... and... for those in Search of it... the Holy Grail of RVing... Finding it would be a disaster! Hemingway's "Might as well be dead!"

Cogitate on it for a bit with me... is "It" about finding a rig? or is "It" really the LIFE just about any sort of rig allows? If you're striving toward a fuller and more complete LIFE... can there really be errors along the road? or... are those things some call errors really only answers to another "What If" question? ... and answers you can't get without trying on the fit of 'em?

... and anyone looking to follow along the trail... can't help but learn from watching what you learn in your travels... if they're teachable! ... and less "adventurous'! :)

So rather than being an error to knock yourself over... those folks (like me) who seem to go through a lot of different rigs and outfits are the lucky ones! They posses what ever the attribute is that lets 'em keep on exploring and experimenting. ;)

I mean... if your curiosity is tickled by the experience of experimenting and asking the question; "What if"... and then working out the answer to that particular version; What kind of disaster would it be for those who are intrigued by such a question if they actually stumbled into the complete and final answer... The Perfect RV? The perfect Anything!

What are they gonna do now? :)

What would have come of Jim Bridger without fresh wilderness to explore? "Moving" isn't a curse or a series of mistakes. It's like Jim Bridger riding through new country and finding himself in a box canyon. The trail doesn't go that way so he's got to turn around and ride back out.

There was no way of knowing, unless he rode on in. No error... just a fresh memory of Shining Times!

Seems to me that quest... that curiosity... that always looking toward the horizon... standing on the Just attained High Peak... at the NEXT High Peak... is who that sort of a person is...

The kind of person who ain't got no Quit in 'em. 

To have something that tickles your interest, your curiosity, your sense of adventure, your motivation to risk another chance and make another run at "It"; is the Perfection.

... and anyway... if there truly exists a Perfection... any sensible person should know; It's got two seats, is red with two wheels and is Built by Yamaha! ;)

Sitting on Perfection in the Wind!


Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

Is it ok if my perfections are moved with pedals or paddles?

Brian said...

:)well... if they must... but then they are what tickles YOUR imagination ;)