Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RV Techs, Saddle Bags and Rattle Snakes...

Or... The Day the RV Tech solved the mystery while A Rattle Snake got Himself into Hot Water and the RVing Biker Cowboy dreamed of filling his new saddlebags with road gear and splitting the wind... to Alaska? :)

Good news and bad news... The good news is... The RV Tech shows up finally in the early afternoon to Warranty the Atwood Water Heater.

I turn it on... it goes Pffffttttt!... He goes... TWEAK! :) and it goes HOT WATER!!! That's all it took. He didn't do much more than bump the igniter/thermistor gizmo... Somehow a gremlin got in there after ten days and moved it juuuuuust enough that it wouldn't get a proper "Heat Signal" to send to the brain box and tell it that it was lit... so it kept shutting off...

So... a $50 RV Maintenance lesson. ;) Better than  a visit from your mother-in-Law;)

But the REALLY Gooder news was a message from the lil' gal who claims to be my daughter that lives down in Denver. The saddlebags I've been waitin' on arrived a day earlier than promised! So in a few minutes I'm climbing on the Raider to race on down to Denver to start the install. HooYa!

Small things can give great pleasure... and small things added to bigger things that already give great pleasure are just GOL DURN SHINY! :)

So I'm off to do battle in the traffic wars of the Big City... one more time.

Then with Hot Water, a cleaned up Truck Bed and Shiny New Pipes and Saddle Bags on that Big Red Motorcycle I'll be ready to haul my butt back to the far-out-and-lonely where I belong! :)

... Oh yeah... and while working at coon education last night this Ol' Buster was accosted by a cantankerous Rattle Snake!

Know what happens when one of them things shakes his booty a couple of feet from your backside... in the dark of night?

Uh HUH! another trip to Walmart for some fresh BVD's! :)

But... I introduced that venom spittin' tough nut to a friend of Mine... Mr. Remington. At which point they got into a heated conversation... Mr. Remington won the debate. If you're gonna come around twenty feet or so from my front door and start talkin' trash Mr. Rattler... expect a Realllllly Bad Headache!

So... scratch one coon... scratch one mouthy rattle snake... Add one functioning hot water heater... one cleaned up truck bed... a set of exhaust pipes and soon... One Set of Sweet new fiberglass Saddlebags! :)

It's been a productive visit... if Lonnnnnggggg! :)

Grabbin' My Handles and Riding!

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Cindy K. said...

Here's hoping the thump/tweek the RV tech did to your Hot Water heater STAYS in alignment....or you watched real close to do 'er again when going down some bumpy roads....just sayin'
Happy to hear your saddle bags came in and you can head out soon for greener, less toasted, pastures.