Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hiding Out

*Smoke from the High Park fire in Colorado... along Wyoming Hwy 130*

We planned on parking at Vedavu up in Wyoming, west of Cheyenne. When we approached there, the smoke was so heavy it was burning my eyes.

So I kept rolling west through the smoke. We didn't start finding some relief until west of Laramie, bound for the Snowy Mountains. We were rolling along wyoming 130 and managed to drive around the northern tip of the smoke cloud.

It was like an approaching wall... And we got around it... To find, since our last trip here, three years ago that fully half of the timber has succumbed to pine beetle.

All the boondock camps we knew of were taken... So we went looking for a FS camp. To find most of them are closed for safety... All the dead trees are falling over. :( Finally found a spot in part of one camp that was open...

Had to come down to Centennial to check on things and send out a post...

Hiding from the fires


Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

That's quite a smoke cloud! Very sad. Glad you got away from it.

JerryC said...

Don't you wonder how hard it could be for the FS to cut down those dead trees in the campgrounds? It seems they look for any excuse to close them. I a few years there won't be any which aren't run by a concessionaire.

Sharlotte said...

Where ever you and Heidi go, be safe.

Anonymous said...

"fully half of the timber has succumbed to pine beetle."

That sounds sooo familiar. In eastern Oregon first the Tussock Moth took out most of the Fir then a few years later the Pine Beetle took the pine. Then she burned. Yessiree the government sure can manage our forests.

Glad you found a way out of the smoke.


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