Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mixing Shining Times and Workamping Business

Before I get on to today's rambling, I've got three quick bits of Boondocker "Housekeeping" to pass on.

The first is for anyone who might be interested in a workamping possibility in British Columbia. If anyone would like to wander up that way but the cost of fuel, camps and such has you thinking no... maybe Dean Bergstrom has a possible solution for you. He sent me an email wondering if I might know how he could get the word out... hmmmm... let me think... ;)  I'm passing on most of his mail to you. If you're willing to trade some work for a place to stay for a bit while you go fishing! ;) drop him a line;

***"Trying to find a bunch of Boondockers in exchange for some trail/building maintenance etc. We have a huge clearing for the R V's with possible power, water and lockable gates all at no charge. We are 20 min. from the Skeena River which has world class salmon fishing and 10 min. from the Kitimat River which again has exceptional fishing. Our fishing on the rivers starts in June, runs till about Sept. but then the mushroom season starts in the area 4 those that would like 2 earn some cash. I should mention we have many lakes with trout and of course the rivers have lots but people usually are after the salmon there.

Moose, Grizzly, black bear, wolves and cougar is some of the wildlife in our area. We are looking for a group or family that wants to come and stay by our clubhouse which is also available. All we ask in exchange is fair value of work exchange. If you want to talk more on this please email at - deansueb(at)telus.net

The club has a website - www.snowvalleynordics.com to give you an idea of the area and see what you think...."***

***Second, for those that have been wondering, the cell signal here is weak so without help I'd have no internet connection. Out in the fringe areas we usually occupy that's often the story. Though I have a smartphone I don't use that for my net connection. I've had a Verizon air card for so long I've got unlimited data grandfathered in... lucky me! :)... so it makes no sense to rock that boat. But neither the smartphone or the mifi2200 air card will function here without my Wilson Amplifier. I'm also back to using the lil' magnetic antennae after I ripped the big trucker version off the roof up in Idaho (and haven't got around to replacing it). But, even the lil' one works well enough to get me on line in those no or one bar areas. I just lay a flat crowbar across the folded up TV antennae (so I can hope for a ground) and stick the magnet to that on the rubber roof. ;)***

The last of my 'business' messages is; I built the page yesterday that describes the campsite search method I use to find camps like this one in new country.

Now... back to the Far Country...

In behind our camp here is a drainage that at first I thought was unnamed. Only had to zoom in close enough on my google maps for the name to appear; Little Ash Creek.

I wish photos could do it justice just now. Being early in the spring the trees have just started to leaf out, so it's difficult ... or impossible if you're me... to capture the feel of the place.

 In the summer, walking down out of the heat of the open high desert country above this creek, into the shady shelter of a stream like this... aw it's just plain Sweet.

Like I said, I wish I could capture the "Feel" of walking down along this creek right now. The leaves from last fall covering the ground among the rocks...

As we walked last evening a pair of Owls, roosting in the bare canopy above us, dropped off their perches and swooped downstream away from us. Remains of crawdads lay along the bank in a couple of spots attesting to the likely fishing success of some furry masked bandits in the night.

That's something to keep in mind as you wander. Just 'cause ever'body is goin' to the big neon signed tourist attraction don't mean you've got to go there too... or at least... you don't have to Focus on that.

Sometimes... it's the quiet lil' places along the way that become your most memorable and treasured.

It's places like this that I search for. The places that take me closest to real life.

It's the small things that are very often, the best things. Like Diamonds... and like those few seconds of a sunrise or a sunset when the light is just right...

No brilliant sunset clouds. Just a few seconds of simple, fleeting, quiet, beauty here in Arizona. Beauty we'd have missed if we'd passed on by headed for the Name places...

... and more often than not, it's those times that are just Good... and not Spectacular that are the best for you. Spectacular is great... but you can't sustain that... it's the even, good, take a full-slow-breath-days that wear well.

... and maybe the occasional time when you wonder; "Will she make it or will this be another Kersplash! pic I'm not allowed to show?" :)

Down along the creek are the tracks of small cats, and lots of other critters... including either one gigantic Mutt... or those Canadian beasts have come down to winter in Arizona too!

*Through the trees along Little Ash Creek in Arizona*

Yeah... I'll go back to Yellowstone, and Glacier... and Rocky Mountain Park... and Yosemite... and most of the other big ticket tourist locations... but... for my Living... you'll find me in the hidden quiet places that most others pass by. It's here that I find the greatest part of my Shining Times.

Arizona out my door

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gumo said...

Your new Easy Campsite Search page for boon docking is a real treasure and I thank you for building it and maintaining it. Most especially for sharing it because I am not sure I would do the same because I am selfish. :)

Thanks for a wonderful resource for us boon dockers and boon docker wannabes!