Monday, April 2, 2012

A Day in the Wind...

We climbed on the Raider yesterday and put her in the wind... Literally. It was blowin' a bit. You kinda know that when a 750 lb motorcycle with two folks sittin' on it gets moved around in the breeze! ;)

It was something like 102 miles there and back to Tlaquepaque on the South Side of Sedona.

If you're in to art and such... that's a nice place to go. Between the countryside and the galleries a person can find quite a lil' bit of inspiration there...

... would have been nice to have remembered to pull my camera out of the saddlebags when we walked around. These pics here all came from my phone. ;)

Sometimes it almost makes a guy think he could get by without luggin' a camera around at all don't it?

*A Courtyard Fountain in Tlaquepaque

Between the sculptures, the architecture, the trees and galleries, it's a pleasant place to walk around and just soak up the sun... sheltered from the wind on a cool morning.

So... after we wandered around for a bit, we climbed back on the Raider and ran over to the Wildflower cafe to meet Mark and Bobbie. They wanted to get out of their lil' Chalet and "warm up" out of the wind.

Wind? What wind? :) One benefit of riding a naked motorcycle... at 80 mph it's ALWAYS windy... or talkin' to me... you get used to it! ;)

By the time we got back to camp the wind had dropped off to a pleasant breeze so we took the dogs for a nice walk up on the slopes above camp. What do you think... 'nuff room to boondock?

*On the Prescott National Forest in Arizona*
... over there to the right... is our rig...

*See that lil' white spot in the center?*

It's enough room to keep me happy... Why would I EVER go back to Ace Hardware?!!! Buck is a lot happier out in this country too... He don't make much of a town dog...

*Leashes? I don't NEED no stinkin' Leashes!*

It still makes me wonder why so many folks stay in those packed RV parks at $30 bucks a night, when such country as this is so easily accessible... and the price? ZERO. The facilities are all on their rigs to live out here for weeks at a time. So why stay in there listening to your neighbors hot water heater, that he forgot to turn off, roar to life at oh-dark-thirty in the morning?

The only sounds I hear are those that come from the land itself.

The hoot of an owl. The howl of a coyote. The wind in the Cottonwoods along the creek. The scent of the junipers... hmmm... the scent? I guess you can't hear THAT can you?! ;)

Nope, I can't see a single justification to pull me back into the settlements... for other than dental patchwork and such ;) ... It's like tellin' a fish to learn to walk. You can wish it were so... but it Ain't gonna happen.

It's past time for me to get myself to work... even if bloggin' here IS my work! :) Yes sir... it was a fine day ,so many years ago now, that I had the idea to do this! Only wish I woulda sorted out the how of it sooner!

Breathin' Easy on the Arizona High Desert


Sharlotte said...

What absolutely beautiful pictures Brian. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, rite on buddy, ' nuff said.