Sunday, February 26, 2012

Racing Motorcycles, Rumbling Hot Rods, Graffiti and Spam

Town is interesting... for about six minutes... and then it starts wearing thin. The noise never quits. Sorry Tempe... but you ain't my cup of Joe.

The crotch rockets were screaming past through the middle of the night... it seems to be a spot right in front of us that is the traditional U-turn spot for the area... so plenty of squealing tires through the day... and then the rumbling thumping banging of the bozos with speakers as big as their cars... pounding out crap that sounds more like a train wreck than music... They really need it that loud?... so loud I can hear it, I can Feel it six minutes before they drive past?... and they can't hear it?... Sitting on the speakers?

I know I may be in a minority, and everyone perceives the world round about in different ways and rightfully so... but I can't conceive how anybody thinks this noise, litter, the disgrace of graffiti and the pushing-and-shoving that is city living... is Living.

They are welcome to my share!

When you have to ask for permission to use the dang bathroom in a laundromat, because they have to keep the door locked... That tells this Ol' Buster to;  "Keep on rollin' Cowboy... this ain't the place for you to park YOUR bike!"

We're sitting in the parking lot of a high school in Tempe. They're running the Agility trial on one of the soccer fields that sit beside the school. I don't know how many people there are in this town any more, but I imagine it's like living in an Ant hill. Every which way you step... more people and a constant hum of noise.

I get that folks feel the need to stay in such places for the Jobs. That's a sad thing to me. There has to be a better way for folks to live... than packed together like chickens in an egg factory.

What it says to me is they are either lacking in the imagination, the discipline and the cajones to change things for themselves... or... more likely, they've been beaten down by the tender touches of a merciful society and simply lack the energy to fight it any more.

There's one I know who has little problem with a good scrap ;)  and I can tell you he won't be squatting in this rattle can of a place for too awful much longer...

... 'cause this afternoon, I'm hauling our rig over to the nice, peace and quiet of NASCAR! ;)

now... about word verification... what a PITA! going both ways. I took it off as some requested... and I guess it's a flattery... of sorts... I guess I get enough "Volume" to make me a target. Spam found me within minutes. The "spam filter" Blogger has works pretty good and so far has caught all the viagra and hot date Ads and something in Russian I have no idea what it was...

I was going to put it back on because of that... but then read that a lot of folks won't comment because the damn thing is such a difficulty to read, if they can read it at all... so... I guess I'll just add the job of sifting through the spam file trying to find the legit comments that sometimes get snagged in the filter to my list of chores... ah... the life of a Free Living Cowboy Biker Webmaster! :)

Ready Already to Run for The Hills


Gaelyn said...

Be thankful that so many Want/Need to live in the city so our countryside is not so crowded.

About word verification. It's a pain. I dropped it also. However, just saw a video this morning explaining "reCaptcha" and it's a way for the web to translate books and teach the computer to read, for free.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks for taking off WV. I get lots of Russian Viagra Louis Vuitton purse ads, too, but only one legit comment in 100 gets snagged by mistake.

One restaurant we stopped in in our travels had the toilet paper on lockdown. Now that's a city, boy howdy.

The Good Luck Duck

Cindy Kingma said...

Yay, NASCAR! That's definitely more fun to the noise. Cities leave ya feeling trapped by alot of things. Besides the noise generated by its dwellers, ya got the sirens that add to it 24-7 too. Always liked the burbs ourselves. Place like Orient of very few (under 250 souls) has to have a least 1 or 2 knuckleheads but that's a sight better than a city. Towns are much better...And way out in the sticks is the most ideal. Enjoy your time hauling peoples around!

Janna and Mike said...

Run--I've always wondered how long those kids with the boom boxes going keep their hearing????

Joe said...

That, my friend, is why I'm hittin the road. I live in between a busy street and a Hwy. I am SO done with the noise and crowds and rude people! And I live in a relatively small town! May 1st can't come soon enough.

Don said...

Sorry you are having such a rough time in Tempe. Sounds like the NASCAR racers will be quieter!