Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making a Circle Around Roosevelt Lake.

If you ford Tonto Creek across either A+ road or Bar X you can hit the road that runs on over across the North side of the lake to catch Arizona 288. That runs from the SE end of Roosevelt lake on up to Young and beyond, hard under the Mogollon Rim.

It's not a bad road. By Imogene pass standards, up in Colorado, it's a freakin' interstate! ;) If you take your time you could make the drive in just about any decent car... but it is genuine Arizona back roading, so you'd be happier with something with a little clearance for the occasional rocks and such...

... and if it's been raining? That gumball mud up there can get nasty. I'd wait a day or so for it to dry up.

*Poppies on the Tonto*
If your timing is right it can get a lil' colorful... ain't that a purty Dodge? ;) Yup, purty... If you're talkin' purty worn out! :) and the flowers are kinda nice if you timed your trip right.

These back roads of what I still consider my Home State are a fine place to be, any time. Some times, they're better than fine. Spring in Arizona is generally earlier than other places... it's a lil' earlier this year.

*Wild Flowers along Arizona Backroads*

Zane Grey wrote 'bout this land. The Apache fought for it. Cowboys and Sheep men fought over it... and it's a shining place to wait out a part of the winter.

The camps there at Cholla and Windy hill, from some time in October to April are long term areas. Meaning, you can stay for 180 days without moving. Not bad for somebody like me at $3 bucks a night. They've even got showers that are supposed to be solar heated... I'd like to have a conversation with the guy that built 'em... to see what his definition of Heated is.

Took a shower there yesterday... to stretch our gray tank... whooooooeeee! Uh... the bozo that designed the system and his boss... didn't see a need for a storage tank... so the only hot water is what's running through the panels.

Once you get four or five folks taking showers at the same time and you guessed it, that hot water that might be there... goes away quick! ;) Opens your eyes up right quick too. I think I bruised my eye lids! ... and I'd not suggest it if you've got a hot date comin' up! Unless you need help being a good boy. ;)

But... I wandered off my trail here... That never happens 'round here does it! :)

Along the way, we spotted several places that'd make good camps for boondockers who don't have the psychotic need for internet access of Some drifters I know. What can I say. Maybe I'll start takin' a vacation every once in a while and see if my world caves in 'cause I was off the air for a week or so! ;)

This road across the top of the lake runs something over 25 miles. You'll roll right past this sweet little setup... nice, green, irrigated pastures. Quiet and space you can Feel. What I'd give for a nice shiny little layout like this one! ... If I had it to give...

*Arizona Desert Ranch*

 Where you tie into 288 you can turn left and run up to Young, which is a pretty drive itself, or, cut right and run on back to 188 where you'll go right again to get home to Cholla campground.

*Looking back at Roosevelt Lake*

 If you should take off on backroad runs like this one... make sure you got your jack with you. Make sure you have fuel, Really! :) and... make sure you've got some water and groceries. It's not a heavy traveled road. At least today it wasn't. We saw maybe three other vehicles on it the whole run.

There's not cell service most of the ride so if you did bust something you can't fix yourself pretty quickly you're in for a long walk or maybe a long wait. Not a big deal if you're prepared... and if you take a pen and paper to make notes, you can knit up some decent stories. :)

Everywhere we've gone, if you don't feel like, or aren't able to walk through it, there's been no shortage of roads and trails to idle along and still see what a lot of folks never take the time for, and more than you'll ever see in just one trip.

Heading down out of the Tonto in the Morning


hobopals said...

What an interesting ride. Love the way you narrated--I could almost picture being there.

I took some back roads in MY Dodge with my pup, up in Idaho and Colorado, but some I passed up because I was afraid of rain stranding me in mud.

Unfortunately, I hit Arizona in the heat of summer (I can't take the heat) so I wasn't very impressed--couldn't wait to head north. I had hoped to see it another time of year, but I don't know that that will happen--so that makes "travelogues" all the more enjoyable. Thank you.

Box Canyon said...

Wow, we left a little too soon. Love those poppies!
Keep on travel'in CowBoy B.