Monday, January 2, 2012

War Horses and Windy Hills...

New Years night we went and saw the new movie; War Horse... It's one of those really simple films that truly can strike deep. If this one doesn't break your heart... you walked into the theater... Without one.

Yesterday, ran a few errands in the morning and then took off in the truck to make a circle up by Roosevelt Lake. It was a little scouting run ... if 200 miles or so is a "Little" circle ;)

First thing is the Tonto pass. Tonto National Forest went to this in 2006 I think. Rather than the normal "tickets" you pay for in the campground, you have to stop and get this thing before you get there... Takes a small bit of adjustment, but nothing major.

One thing I've not been able to get ahold on anyone to answer is about Long Term Camps. Used to be... both Windy Hill and the Cholla campgrounds were designated Long Term... You could stay there like out in Quarzsite... for months, not the usual 14 day limit.  I haven't succeeded in getting anyone on the phone to answer that lil' bit of curiosity.

... Makes me wonder too... Their daily "Tonto Pass" ticket is $6... uh... not a typo... Six Bucks... and that is what the tariff is for Windy Hill campground on Roosevelt Lake... $6 bucks...

*Windy Hill Campground*
Not too crowded is it? of course... this isn't the summer time... when this place is full, belly to butt, with boaters! ;)

But now... in the "off" season... When you kick in the Senior/Access passes... that means... for grumpy old cripples like myself... it's a daily fee of $3! Pretty cheap rent no matter how you look at it... and at Windy Hill, they've even got showers to help a traveler stretch things a mite.

I think, come late winter, real early spring, we'll come this way on our journey north followin' the geese... It'll fit right well into our current travel plans for the coming season...

*Looking across at another camprground loop*

I said I was wonderin'... well my wonderin' is... if The Tonto can set that sort of fee... how come you go to other places of the National Forest system... and the fees climb to $20 and more? The Tonto has pretty full facilities what with showers, and water systems and such... so... I'm kinda curious why the other places haven't learned from the way they seem to be succeeding on the Tonto.

The difference 'tween $16-$20+ and Six Bucks... all for National Forest seems like a lot... Just sayin'.

Only a few miles up AZ 188 from the campground turn off, just as you get to this bridge...

... is the Turnoff onto AZ 88... the Famous Apache Trail that took us over past Apache Lake and Canyon Lake, and on past Tortilla Flat. Somewhere in there should be a turn off to Sagauro lake...

Now...they say you can haul 40' long over this thing... I'd recommend you leave anything that long... back in the campground. ;) This thing is narrow... it's twisty... and a chunk of the folks pushin' iron over it... have difficulty on wide, dry pavement! ;)

Do it look familiar Mark? :)  ... yeah kids... THIS lil' road is NOT! RV Friendly! :) But it is a beautiful bit of Arizona not to be missed.

*Some of the WIDER section! :) *

It's 10-15 miles an hour for much of the 25 miles... though, of course, there are the bozos in their townie sedans... in a hurry to see it all... who go shovin' past, on a lane and a half, dirt road... my advice is to come off the throttle a bit more and let the dust clear... before you proceed... a do as I say... NOT a do as I do bit of adivce! :) 

We hit a lot of it... when the light wasn't too great for picture takin'... and the pics I got don't do it any sort of justice... let's just say... go there. It's a beautiful place.

We may go over there for a camp in the next day or two... though it's more likely we'll go out toward Bouse... and save the Tonto for first part of our travels north in the Spring...

Warming on the Desert


Mello Mike said...

We drove the Apache Trail and camped at Windy Hill Campground last month. We posted a lot of pics of this trip in my boondocking blog. Liked your pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,
This was all I could find on the subject but maybe the phone numbers will help. Looks to me like long term is allowed October thru March

Keep on truckin'

Tom Turner

Paul said...

Amazin' what effect a balled up ol' cowboy/biker has on those bozos in their townie sedans when he stops straddle of the lane and a half, gets outta his dually totin' a tire knocker and goes to thumpin' his tires... all for safety's sake, ya know? Kinda makes 'em decide maybe they've seen enough and ought to just double back to where from they came.

Of course, just another case of do as I say, not as I do.... sure, ya ought to just ease off the foot feed and let 'em pass. ;)

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Yep, looks familiar... that was a really bad day and worse mistake, pulling Fiver over that narrow, overhanging, twisting mess. Heres the whole story with photos...’t_Go_Down_That_Road.html

Thanks for reminding me of that nightmare.