Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Biggest Roadblock to the Success of Our Dreams, is Attitude.

Yeah... Let's start out this next year with a lot of Cowboy Philosphizin' Wind! :)

Considering all the dark prognostications for the not far off future... Maybe We Should All Work at Starting Off the New Year With a Successful Attitude?

hmmmm... except... some might say; "The Biggest Obstacle to Most Peoples Dreams Remains... Money" Or... should I say; "The Lack of Money"

The Fear of NOT HAVING what they feel is enough money keeps folks slaving away, enriching mostly only the "Man" at the expense of your soul.

The man learned early how to enslave those with less ability to accept the risk of chasing their dreams; and in the end, that's what's goin' on. The "Man" I rip on, is simply using those fearful souls to finance his own dreams... and I curse his black heart!... but... when it's all said and done... You, I, We... let him do it.

Yep... sorry... but, in the end, your failure to pursue a dream most often comes from surrendering to the fear, planted in our minds by The Man... rather than the direct failure or impossibility of The Dream.

THAT failure is a CHOICE. When you surrender to Fear, it is a CHOICE... and that takes us right back, full circle to that beginning part of ATTITUDE.

Yup... it gets confusing... it gets all tangled up till your head hurts... but... it all boils down to your Attitude when you step off in pursuit of anything.

I've said it here, enough that it's starting to make even me gag! ;) but, here I go, saying it again...

We left without enough money... and I mean... not enough. I'm Not telling you; "We only had such dollars to eat oatmeal rather than steak "Not Enough"...  I'm saying we only had enough to eat ANYTHING through maybe the 20th of the month... "Not Enough."

That's how much the Freedom of my Soul, the Freedom of my Vision and the Freedom of my Heart meant to me. I had to get Free... or suffocate.

Now... here I am coming up on two years later... and I'm still eating. Considering that a couple pairs of jeans are almost too tight to wear... I've not lost any considerable amount of weight.

Ok... Though we had no dollars... I had irons in the fire that I hoped would pay off. Some of 'em have a mite, some seem to be beginning to...

To keep me from getting too cocky... we've had unexpected Failures to endure, that ate up what successes I'd made in that dinero arena. We had radiator failures, fuel pumps, multiple tires... emergency room visits without insurance coverage... yadda yadda yadda... all, to my mind, tentacles of the beast trying to drag us back under his control...

How-some-ever... we're still rolling. Amid the rolling eyes of those who think we're nuts 'cause the money aint stacked up and waiting...

Why? Because of Attitude.

I won't lay back and say... I'm done. I won't allow the miserable dollars of a corrupted system to seize the Hard Won Freedom I've captured. I keep on keepin' on.

I'm not always happy. I'm not always "Up"... I get down. Oh Lordy I get dark and black... but mostly I keep that to myself. The thing is... That's only natural. It's only human. You lay about a bit. Catch your breath... and then, stand up, stick one foot out in front of you... and move on down the trail.

Mine is NOT the story of retirement. I am NOT retired. we have no retirement savings. No 401. No lottery winnings. No inheritance income... We have ONLY that "income", that subsistence, that we produce from our labors each day... Truly!

But THAT... is the key for me. That "Labor" has become my Freedom.

I managed to find a "niche" where I can produce my subsistence doing "Work" that is a pleasure... Not enduring a "Job" that is a cancer on the soul.

I Seized the Possession of my Labor away from "The Man"... It is now Owned by Me.

...and something I need to say again... The Freedom I write about is not from Full Time RV Travel... That is NOT the source of what fulfills me... It is only what my FREEEEEEEDOM (imagine a Braveheart Cry!) allows. I say that again, and again, and again...

I think if you changed every place I tap out RV or Boondocking... or ... Yondering... and put in YOUR Dream... maybe you'll get the idea.

The Vision that fills my eyes is about waking up in the morning, looking out the window at the sunrise... and knowing that Whatever I do today... This Day... is MY choice. Not anyone elses.

No "Bossman" is gonna give this child an order. I'm not under anyone's command... Only My own. My schedule is my own. My time is My own. My Life, is my own.

It's what I should have done, long ago. It's what took me Too Long to see, myself. It's what I hope to light up for another lost soul or two.

That's what I've always been pushing here. Not RVing... What I've tried to get put out there is, the philosophy of doing what you have to do... to secure Ownership of YOUR life.

You know... if the only part of what you do that causes you grief, is that those around you rail and wail that what you're doing is crazy... while what you are Actually Doing, is filling your Heart and Soul with joy... Does it make sense to eliminate what you are doing?

Only so the railing and wailing will quiet? ...leaving you with what?... Nothing? surrounded by grinning slaves cheerful with the knowledge that they succeeded in crushing your hopes? ... (the reality being that their reason for stopping you was to eliminate the illumination of their own failure to even try!)

Or... should you pick yourself up a big long pole... place it squarely on the chest of the wailers... and shove 'em far enough off... so you can't hear 'em any more?

I say Create. Create the life you want... Keep your pole handy... or a club... and keep the wailers quiet. Find that THING that lights your Eyes and your Heart... while at the same time Creating the where-with-all to keep you fed... and LIVE!

Stay alert and open to unexpected opportunities... For me it's been my writing. My writing came along as a TOTAL SURPRISE... It came AFTER the decision to escape to the road! It wormed it's way through a crack in my thinking... and has become that LIGHT for me.

There is waiting out there, for YOU... a Light. A Creative Light that will bring along for You, glorious sunrises under the Sky of FREEDOM.

Create something that First, lights up your eyes... and Secondly... something you can sell, something that people want and you do a better job at. A thing, a sound, a service, an art, a tool, a thought, an inspiration... ???

Finally a final word :) ... neither I nor any other self styled philosphizing cowboy or wanderer can tell you what or where your Light, Your Dream is hiding, only that it exists... you have to swallow your fear. You have to accept the risks, deal with the setbacks... and dig it up Your Self.

Building the Foundations Under My Own Castle in the Sky


Grammy23 said...

What a great way to start the New Year, Brian. We all have hopes and dreams but sometimes we need a little urging or kick in the rear to keep us on track. Thanks for reminding us that tomorrow starts a new slate and we can make our own way in the world, following our own path----not just the path someone else picks for us.

P.S. We've had shirt sleeve weather here on the Northern Gulf Coast but tomorrow promises to bring cooler temps....down to freezing for a day or two. I kind of like that. :-) We'll have a fire in the fireplace Sunday night. The first one this season.

Happy New Year!

Marcia G.

Mark said...

Thanks Brian ..for the inspiration, Happy New Year...

Paul said...

Right on, Brian. Good on ya!

Be careful about trying to encourage others, though. Most of 'em just don't have it in 'em and it's a waste of your time and effort. Not to mention, we need some of those wage slaves to keep on keepin' on so we don't have to do some things our own-selves, like get up to get our own coffee at the local "Stop n' Puke."

I believe the vast majority of people are like crabs in a bucket. They can't (or won't) do well for themselves, so they don't want to see anyone else do alright for themselves, either. They'll bust a gut to pull you back into the bucket of conformity.

All those years of modern American edumacation have made tons of obedient little automatons and that's the way the Bigs like it.

Only a relative few of us managed to scatter like roaches when the lights come on and they're doing their damnedest to hunt us down and squash us. The longer we all can avoid the boot, the better off we'll all be.

Happy New Year, my friend.

Shadowmoss said...

I'm feeling good about the promise of a new year. I have bent the job to give me part of what I wanted to 'retire' to, travel. Looking forward to experiencing more of other cultures this next year, even if I stay where I am. I'm feeling more in control of my life, instead of putting in time paying off the mistakes I've made the past couple of decades. So, the time I'm spending paying debts is also fun.

Sailbad said...

WOW! Has it been two years already?
I guess I got in on the bottom floor.

" Whatever I do today... This Day... is MY choice. Not anyone elses."

Now there are some true words!
When I reached that realization, it put a smile on my face that just won't leave.


Happy New Year