Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Soon.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Parking in a relatives backyard is cheap... when you're RV Boondocking pretty much hand to mouth... and... it sure don't pay to bite the hand that's offering the cheap rent! ;)  ... but ... uhhh ... I still have to say... it ain't my Idea of what I want to be doin'... ya know?

So... lazy as we are, it's taken two days to get our act together and get ready to haul. :) but, this morning... sometime... I'll hitch up the Eagle and we'll haul out of here, bound for the Empty Desert.

A couple of folks spotted the information about Cholla/Windy Hill Campgrounds long term parking... That I Missed! :) on the Tonto National Forest Website... So, it does appear that you can still stay there, long term... so... If you're lookin' for a change from the flat desert to the west, give that country up around Lake Roosevelt a stay. It's awful nice, and at $6 bucks... or Three if you're old enough... or banged up enough like me! It'll put a really small dent in your budget. Not bad for having hot showers, water and a dump station available.

But ourselves, for now, we're gonna head back west a few miles and save that camp for the first on our slow journey north, come the late winter/early spring. Likely after we leave our week at PIR from the race in March.

This year, we're determined that we'll Follow Spring... rather than draggin' it along. Last season it seemed like spring was maybe two weeks behind us... like sitting in Flaming Gorge country with 8" of snow on the roof... on Memorial Day! :)

Went to the Bass Pro here in Phoenix day before yesterday... I'll tell ya... it's hard to be a frugal drifter in a toy box like that! and Phoenix has a nicer store than Denver's! ... I'll take one of those, two of these... a couple of them thar... and ... Oh My Lordy! I gotta have THIS! :)  ... right... like my wallet could even think of that... it is a nice fantasy at times though.

hmmm.... I'm gonna have to rethink Frugal Living... does it Really make sense? ;)

One thing this visit did was rekindle a desire to give a solid look at flyfishing again... There's been so many places along our trail that sure looked to be meal making bits of water! ... for me anyway... herself just wont eat fish... or drink coffee... poor upbringin' I guess ;)

Anyhoo... we'll be hitching as soon as I knock back the last of the what's left in the coffee pot and gettin' back to Open and Empty Country out somewheres in the vicinity of Bouse ... and get back to work on "Heart of a Man" that got suspended by the holidays... as well as continued Scheming about some big changes I want to make in the future! ;)

Hitch up And Go!

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