Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Out in Far Country... Back Where I Belong...

There's those that belong in town... and those that don't... I'm a don't-er.

135 mile run to Escape Town. Cost of diesel $3.77 a gallon. Propane $2.69. BLM "Space" Rent Zero Dollars... This life? Priceless.

*Bouse Camp*

*Boondocked back on the Desert*

We pulled in to this almost hidden corner of the desert, found a spot and got Camp set up in the late afternoon... all my possessions, along with me, are back where they belong.

Though the end of our first day in this camp wasn't one of those spectacular, fiery things a wanderer of the southwest often sees... it was one I'll keep.

 A few of our first views from and around this camp.


What don't we have? That constant noise level you have to endure in town. No hot rods warming up through the neighborhood at all hours. No sirens. No Police helicopters circling at midnight... no barking dogs... OK... there's one dog, that barked twice... just before dark, at a rig a 1/4 mile away :)

But out here, all the other din that rides like a heavy pack on city livin', is gone.

... and no fences. Not out where I belong! :) It's just wide open country that a claustrophobic cowboy biker can stretch out his heart in. Just, exactly, right... though it's supposed to cool down come Sunday... all the way to 69 degrees! :)

This is THE brass ring. It's not some heart thumpin' technical climb up a sheer mountain face. It's not droppin' out of the sky suspended under a high tech bed sheet by a bunch of lil' strings... or even leanin' the motorcycle I dearly love through the twisties...

This is just proper Living... where each breath is pure and sweet. Where it's quiet enough that you can hear your soul, that inner self... whispering to you... THIS is the life that builds the strength and puts all else into crystal clear focus, so that you can appreciate those Other glories... so much more.

Yes Sir... It's the most proper choice I've ever made.

I'm posting this one at an unusual time for me... in the evening... Maybe that's a change I should keep to! :) In the morning, we'll head out and see if those Desert Bighorns are still in the neighborhood...

Breathin' Easy on the Desert


Janna and Mike said...

Say hello to the sheep for us! Enjoy the desert.

lostAnnfound said...

Those are the "campsites" we want to be at and the sights we want to see, although we have a few more years until that to get the kids out of high school (one's done this year) and help a bit for college.

Thanks for sharing these stories and wonderful pictures!