Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Disputation of a Commonly Held Misconception of Boondockers

I saw Boonie wrote a bit 'bout something I've had many conversations about... with other Wanderers and RV Boondockers.

Somewhere 'long the way, I think it's gotten to be some sort of a Generally Accepted Perception amongst a lot of folks that Boondockers are an unsociable lot that Hide out in the bush... 

How-some-ever... It's my thinking that those carrying that belief are saddled with a misconception of the motivation of a heavy number of the folks they are misconceiving their notions about!

Just because folks aren't running around knocking on doors trying to drum up a conversation, and put a high value on a place with a bit of solitude, don't make them unsociable. In a way, it's a form of chastity! ;)

It tells me they put a high value on Life itself.

The folks I'm speakin' of generally hold tight to friendship and family. And, tend to discount the real importance of worldly stuff and things.

So... Putting value on the things that count... they use their conversations sparingly, and make friendships carefully. They don't take things TOO lightly or TOO seriously. Like Lloyd, they seek a bit of proper balance.

Life is too short, to delicate and WAAAAAY to valuable, to be careless with it.

Fact is, in my wanderin' and driftin' I've seldom found an un-sociable Boondocker. On the contrary, they've mostly been more sociable than me! Sittin' here thinkin' bout it... I can't remember a truly unsociable cuss I've run across. I know he or she must be there... but they made so little impact, I can't bring 'em to mind!

Those folks parked out on the back side of beyond retreat there not from a shortage of sociableness... but to give the noise of this world a chance to fade away a bit... So they can once again hear the rustle of the wind in the grass... and the sounds of their own dreams in their souls.

They've found that out on the desert, or in the High up and Lonesome, the world of fakery, fraud, phony shmoozing and hollow promises is weakened...

They are blessed by the fact that the sea of humanity that surrounds them back in the settlements, where the pompous oratory of self-aggrandizing pea wits, adorned with the IQ's of dessicated road apples echoes off the walls... Loses a lot of its power... Out in Far Country.

... Those I speak of have learned to be a little more circumspect and reticent with their Socializin' Intercourse. They seek to avoid the inevitable injury and bruised intellect that rewards those who try to politely nod and not offend when exhorted to agree by those whose profound and loudly voiced opinions... not only defy credibility, but physics, mathematics, and common etiquette.

When their teeth begin to hurt from holding them tightly clamped to control their tongues, and their fingernails cut holes in their palms from being balled up at the ends of their rigid arms (to prevent throttling the offending orator!)... the event is tattooed on their memory... not soon to be repeated!

'course... there's those that would testify that you'll leave a conversation with me sore as well... The sore part bein', your ear drums! ;) ... or wind burn on your face, if you made the careless mistake of proddin' one of my several, major, HOT buttons! THAT is gar-an-TEED to stir up a good breeze!

*Even near Quartzsite... Some Solitude remains! :) *

Being a seeker of Solitude don't mean a body ain't sociable... just that maybe... they're more careful 'bout who they share the treasure of their life with.

If you want to be invited in to the fire... It might be useful to once in a while check out who you are! And make sure you're the sort folks want around.  :)

Uh Oh... I got some housekeeping to do! ;)

Raising Dust in the Desert!


Billy Bob said...

Todays post is the second in a row that seems to be directed at me. Kind of like a voice from the top of a mountain peak say'n....."Billy Bob", then a loud clap of thunder. Or is it the other way round?
I was caught up in the "what will people think" syndrome and "appease the readers" for too many years. It made me think.
Your post today hit right at home again. I'm pretty much a solitary person when it comes to socializing. When the "Jones" and the "Browns", parked not 10 feet away in the local RV Resort, drop by for "happy hour", what I don't do, I find it hard to strike up a conversation about their luxurious lives from Resort to Resort. The swim pools and hot tubs that make their lives complete.
A boondocker, parked a quarter mile down the road, is always welcomed in my camp to discuss our natural surroundings over a "balony sammich" and a cup of coffee. This is where friendship grows.

Russ Krecklow said...

You've said it so very well, not much question about what's important in life. Finding solitude in today's mad, mad, world is a real prize to be cherished. Hope to see you around some day, we won't park too close!

Anonymous said...

I was parked in a campground for a month(cheapest rate) On weekends i'd stay in my rig which i love to do(so comfy) weekends were so busy and i get tired of all the questions about "me". I was putting some refuse in the back of my truck on Sunday afternoon, a fellow came running over to tell me that he was about to call the police because he didn't see any activity going on at our lot!? O BoY... BiLL. Full-timers do like the weekdays ;)