Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Should I? Should I not? What Will People Think?

What will people think? What a waste of time. The proper question is; What do - I - think

If people think low of you, because you followed your heart and took a chance at life... They are the problem... NOT you. The opinions of such pea wits are without value.

Sometimes the trail gets lost. The skies darken, the wind howls, the path fades out, and you're lost, standing out there in the dark, in the mountains and all you have is you.

Which way to go? Upstream? Down? or... turn and push into the wind?

It can get confusing. Everyone is pointing, yelling directions and telling you what. Your own mind is bound up by the things you've said in the past, the positions you've taken... You can get to feeling locked in by ideas you've spoke. As if, because you said it... that's who and what you have to be...

*The Sun breaking through Storm clouds over the Desert at Sunset*

 That somehow, because you went one way in the past... You're not allowed to go another... Today. (that's just an un-educable ideologue)

A long time ago my daughter asked what she should do. My answer; "I haven't the slightest idea Darlin'."

"You're not helping Dad!" she told me. Well, I couldn't... No one can. It was her decision and her choice. Whatever I thought would pretty much only be what was good for me. What I did tell her was the only thing you can't do is - Nothing -

Do something even if it turns out to be wrong, even if in the end you don't like it. Just keep moving!

"But what if I don't like it? What if I spend all that time and effort chasing that?" ... Well, now you Know one thing that you don't want to do! You can check that off your list. :) You'll never know, and will always wonder unless you give it a try. And if you do decide in the end to go a different direction? so what? It's called exploration. It's called experience. It's called a Zest for Life. Suh-WHEET!

I'm not gonna tell you, running against the wind, or pushing your way - Up Stream - is gonna be an easy trip. And plenty of folks are gonna volunteer to make it as rough a trip for you as they can. (because their jealousy at your guts to take on the risks of the unknown jabs without letup at their failure to)

What I am gonna say is that you'll likely end up a lot happier, and a lot more content when you look back at your trail, many years from now... and see that you followed your own trail... and not someone else's.

Success or Failure in the worldly things of men really don't count for much. Exploring the frontier inside your own Heart is the thing that counts.

Living without risk, without the fear and effort of pushing into some sort of "Unknown" strikes me as simply waiting. Warehousing your life... until you're converted to Coyote feed. What a waste.

I'm gonna follow Cowboy Philosophy. Have you got a dollar bill? Spend it! Got a whiskey? Drink it! Got a shovel? Dig with it... see a trail? Follow it! Caught a Bronc? Ride him!

I may go bust... again... so freakin' what? I came in to this world without a nickle in my pocket... Hell, I didn't have a pocket! I've had my pockets filled and emptied... several times since then...

The best times of all... have Always been, those when I was, Out There... Standing with My Nose in the Wind.

Life is to be lived. You only find its true value by hangin' it out there in the breeze and watchin' things flap! :)

Time to Cowboy Up! Crack out! and Let 'er Buck!



Jackie said...

Very well said. Thank you!

Joe said...

And thats exactly what we're doing! Taking the bull by the horns! I gave my notice at work, we are in the process of clearing out the house, and we're hittin the road! Thanks for the boost Brian. I was feeling a little apprehensive about our decision. But your post help put me back on track.

Bill said...

You have the right idea on life.
Enjoy it and go out kicking and screaming!

Sharlotte said...

You can look back and say, "Man, what a ride this has been."

Carolyn said...

just what I needed to read... found your blog off Journey to Retirement... glad I did ;)

hobopals said...

"When you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there"...Lewis Carroll

Rarely, in my life, have I stopped to wonder what someone thought of me--I'm just me. I never expected to be liked by everyone nor disliked by everyone. I just followed my own path.

The exception to the rule has always been the love of my life and my kids (to a degree). I did care what they thought--sometimes I even changed my mind about something.

My pups always accepted and loved me for who I am without exception.

Richard said...

I so agree with you...

One quote that I read lately on amigoingsomeplace:

“What other people think about you is none of your business.”

If you follow your heart, who could say that it is wrong... maybe people following what other people say :)

Anonymous said...

Got Milk...drink it, have LIFE...LIVE IT!! Love that Philosophy! To many thoughts to list..Enjoy the Desert! BiLL

lostAnnfound said...

That is just so good! It is a battle going against "conventional" ways. My husband says the same thing...came into the world with nothing and that's how we all go out, so why not take a chance!

Don said...

So true. But you've got to be ok with taking your lumps. You are, obviously, other folks need to be sure they are ok with it. Go carefully into the wildness.

John Farnsworth said...