Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hitching Up and Heading Out Soon... Bound For a Writers Hermitage on the Desert

Getttin' ever more indecisive in my old age. I'll be hitching this mornin'... sometime... and hauling out of Glendale. But, Not goin' the direction I'd been cogitatin' on.

Though I'd been thinkin' hard of rollin' a ways north and east, I decided after considerable schemin' and frettin', and with questionable justification, that I'd go instead back out on the desert SW of here. Plamosa Road, Bouse... somewhere round 'bout there I'm thinkin'.

The reason? Well... if I go up into the country I've been contemplatin'... I'd likely be out in that country, on foot or on the bike... Not a bad thing. It's a sweet country up on the Tonto.

The thing though is, I've been planning on making this solo month a month of writing. Been wanting to make a solid, strong start on the next of my Novels with pretty much an immersion into it. If'n I go putting myself into country like the Tonto... uh... I'll be on the bike and out in the country, rather than doin' my work....

... so... This is one of those times I truly need to exercise what lil' discipline I've got remaining and do my Work.

That's not a bad thing, considering that it's what has become my Work... and NOT... a job.

So... to be a good boy I'll go out to a quiet, cowboy biker hermitage on the desert and see what kind of work I can accomplish in the next few weeks.

Just to plant the seed... This next story I'm working on already has a Title; Heart of A Man. and for anyone who might could have been curious... it is a follow on or sequel to A Matter of Honor.

Uh Huh. That story was the first in what I hope to be a decent series... I'll call it the Jeb Taylor Series. ;) and... uh... That latest story? The one I just published last week? ... uhhhh... THAT is the first book of a series too... So as soon as I can do a proper job of Telling this next story, I'll continue Ben Jensen's story.

Sheesh... Never thought kickin' back and takin' it slow... would turn out to be so time consuming and athletic! A fella don't have much to complain about though does he? At least not about where his income is coming from... Not if he's managed to whittle out something that let's him park his butt in the serenity of the middle of no-where... and carve the stories that entertain him in the writin' of 'em... as much as he hopes they entertain the readers who read 'em.

So... I'm off to try and shine up my discipline.

Stringin' Words on the Desert

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Sharlotte said...

Hey loved the new book. Started and couldn' t stop until I finished.GREAT!!!! Keep on cranking them out. I am loving it. Tell all my friends that I personally know the author. LOL

the_Wanderer said...

Brian, this retreat can only make your work better. Use that gift!

Brian said...

Many Thanks Sharlotte. I was a little more nervous with this one... But comments like yours make a guy feel pretty good.

Wanderer; Thanks bud. I'll do my best. I'm askin' the Boss to ease up on your trials a bit as well. Sometimes... the road gets awful damn steep.