Thursday, November 17, 2011

Which A Way to Haul the Fiver... To Go Hermit for a Month?

Grandma flew to Denver yesterday, to await the arrival of the new Grandson next week.

Pappy is sittin' here, drinking coffee, lookin' at the map and trying to decide where his best option is to disappear for a month of heavy writing.

Bouse/Quartzite doesn't toot my whistle... gonna be out there most of January and February... South is gonna happen late February probably so I'd rather let that wait too... So... That leaves North and/or East...

Hmmm.... There used to be some nice country up there below the rim... Roosevelt lake is up east a bit...

A grumpy Ol' Twister oughta be able to find a place to hide his rig behind a big rock somewhere up that-a-way... wouldn't ya think?

'course... I do have the un-avoidable requirement of needing to keep inside the range of a cell tower or two. ;) Seeing that as grumpy as I might get... eating remains a good thing... and considering that a growing, and heavy chunk of my groceries comes from my websites and book sales... doing my job there makes juuuust a lil' bit of sense don't it? ;)

Speaking of which, the recent publishing of my second Novel seems to have had a curious affect on things.

While A Pair of Second Chances has not gone off the charts ;) it is selling pretty nice. In fact, having only been on the market for something like five days it's already sold nigh on to double what A Matter of Honor did in its first month... so a bit of Optimism is in order I guess!

The curious part is also something my research of the subject told me should be expected. While the new book is moving along in a very nice way... a consequence of publishing it has been, it seems to be, that it's bumped A Matter of Honor up about 30%. 

Yep. "A Matter" is selling better than "A Pair" right now... and "A Pair" is moving at about double what "A Matter" did in its first month of release... So... All in all, pretty shiny! ;)

And there's a point here for other folks to see too...

Have you some Ambition, or some Dream that the "Experts" tell you... that you need some specific, High Dollar, education, or that tool, or this experience and then time in the "Job"?... or some such nonsense?

Well... I am PROOF... It just ain't so!

Wanna be a writer? Take a look around and you'll see that they tell you to go to school for four years and get some big degree in English or literature or some such... You HAVE to do this or that... and then, maybe, we'll let you into the clique.

Yeah well... if you notice... most of their "advice"... puts them in the seat of power don't it? 

I went to "school" for a lil' while... only to find I fit like a brick in the pocket of a skinny models jeans. Though I've got to admit... way back then I'd no idea of where I was even wantin' to go any more...

Here I am today... maybe at the bottom of the heap... but... making half my income from writing (and slowly improving)... No special training, no special school attendance with six digit debt solidly attached... etc. etc etc.

Just... an idea slowly developing over time... and the will to pursue it...

Look back at Steve Jobs... measuring by dollars, arguably one of the richest guys around... he had no "Degree"... he had an IDEA and a DREAM... and he had enough of whatever it is that leads a man to push his life down the road HE wanted to follow. He pushed right on past, and over, the "guides" trying to divert him into THEIR vision of where he needed to go, to fit into THEIR agenda. Rather than being hearded down the road THEY wanted him to follow, with the rest of the sheeple, he went where HE needed to go.

So... Here I sit... to some degree successful at this writing craft... With None of the pre-requisites they told me I needed. Hell, I don't even use proper English most of the time... though, I'm gettin' better at the then/than thing. ;)

You want to be a sculptor? A photographer? A musician? A Fishing guide? A Whatever... Just go after it. You still have to put in the effort and work at it. You have to Commit, to the task... But let No One tell you that you can't get where you want to go...

If YOU can see the road to follow... Go! Follow the road in your mind. YOU are the one that has to look back and be satisfied that you lived your life as you chose... and not herded like cattle.

So... I'm off to study the map a lil' more... and start looking for MY road for the next month...

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Joe said...

Wow! A whole month alone? How cool would that be?!
I love my wife with all my heart, and a month would be a little to long apart for me. But just some time to ponder and do your own thing is great!
Enjoy Brian! I hope you don't start talking to yourself! :)

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Amen, CowBoy!

Whatsnewell said...

Brian.....just finished reading "A Matter of Honor" and had to send you a note thanking you for a great story. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down! I love westerns, and this one is right up there with the best I have read. I've already downloaded "A Pair of Second Chances" and will be reading that next. For anyone reading this comment who likes to read this book...I got it mine from Kindle.

Bravo, Brian!

Thom Hoch said...

Brian... "Q" in Nov/Dec is a LOT different than in Jan/Feb. We're no closer than 500 yards to nearest neighbor... and there's only two within eye-shot.

I too just finished the Kindle version of "A Matter of Honor" and have become a fan. Thanks for a good read Par'dner.

Brian said...

Joe; Too late... I've done that for years... kinda makes people 'round me nervous though... It's generally a three way argument! ;)

BCB; Thank You Sir! ;)

Whatsnewell and Thom; :) Thank You! I enjoy the writing of the stories so much... It's AWESOME that folks are actually liking them! It is a sweet feeling. If I could ask a lil' mercenary favor? ;) and talk you into posting a review on Amazon? The +'s AND -'s :)

Sharlotte said...

Just downloaded your new book to my Nook. Can't wait to start reading it. So glad your book is doing well. We r on way to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with our son. Candi will be flying in on Monday to spend it with us too. Can't wait to get my hands on that baby bump!!!! Hope you find a peaceful place with plenty of cell phone coverage.

Tom Williams said...

Too many thoughts tangled in your brain? Naw, you got to the end of that thought just fine.
Really have enjoyed the postings that I've read. I will have to start going back through the archives to read up on where the road started for you.
I have to say that I'm not much of a fan of westerns but if the books are anything like your everyday ramblin's, I'm gonna have to read on.
I've also posted a link to your site from my blog