Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time and Space to Cool Out...

The desert is an odd place. To so many it's a barren and empty sand box. No water, no grass, sometimes it seems barren of life... just rocks and sand and space. For me, having lived up in the Colorado mountains for most of the past 25 years, it is returning to a place of solitude and quiet.

Somehow... the desert is often a place of restoration.

The breeze was strong when I pulled in. It pushed through the Paloverde and scrub around us with a freshening murmur. The Far views and unhindered wind, push the clamor of sirens, roaring engines, barking dogs, circling helicopters, hollering kids... the unending rumble of traffic, that punctuate life in a city... back into the recesses of memory.

But, it takes a while. The jangling in my head drowns out any understanding of the words spoken by the wind. Too many years stacking up barrels of baggage... No matter... each moment that passes, the internal pressure recedes and slowly a calm returns.

Rather than the searing and scorching blasts of a desert summer, this November breeze was the soft and soothing caress of an old friend urging a man to stop and just be... for a while.

*From an Arizona Desert Camp*

No tourist wandering. No jammin' gears. Just stop your running... Park.. and ... let the land, and the wind, clear out the stuff in your head for a bit.

The clamor in the world gets too loud. The Noise of everyone's opinions, demands and complaints, including my own as well...

and... So little of it, is anything we have any power to control or change, or even really matters... and yet we're still in there... Running Against the Wind... Trying to change that which no one has ever succeeded in changing... Others.

*The Desert... Space to be ... unhindered by the Greed around Us*

You'll never change the corruption of Wall Street... or Government. They are consumed by lust for power and wealth. They are the victims of a terminal disease. They can not be saved.

They Only thing you can save. The Only thing you can change. The Only thing you can exercise control of... is, for the most part... that little bubble of the world, in which YOU exist. You can change your self. You can change your own life... that's it. Hell, it's all you have the RIGHT to change... what your neighbor does and thinks... is His Right... as long as the tar paper on his shack don't blow over and scratch the paint on your new Powerstroke... Then he'll owe you a paint job.

If everyone could put as much energy into building, right around themselves, the world they want to live in, rather than trying to impose on and demand of, those around them... What they want the world, Out There, to be... The whole damn world would experience a damn fine change.

I'm not holding my breath... But it's a nice Dream to contemplate. A world of people tending to their own affairs and leaving their neighbors to theirs. Too many think they have the RIGHT, to decide for everyone else... and too much of our energies are consumed breaking the wrists, of such pompous warts on humanity, to make Them, let go.

*First sunset back out on the Desert*

Well... I'm out here on the Desert... Tending to my own affairs... and letting the pompous warts, stew in their own soup.

Yeah I know... but... I've not vented in some little while... and I was gettin' to feeling a bit bloated

Standing in the Desert Breeze

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hobopals said...

You might enjoy "Desert Solitaire" by Edward Abbey.

Nice post and pictures.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Your pics make me smile and soothe the soul! It eases some of the political pressures we are experiencing here at home. Thanks for the reminder.

You got it made---

Karen and Steve
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