Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Been Staying Busy... RV Repairs and Ebook Publishing

Got down to Phoenix without any new parts falling off... well... not big ones any way. The cap on the fresh water fill tube went AWOL somewhere twixt where we were... and where we are.

Now, THAT is a business we should invest in! $8.69 for a plastic cap maybe an inch and a half in diameter? Wow... that makes 'em more valuable than Gold! ;)

Also got a repair done on the water heater. It went south, some time back. Wouldn't ignite without help. You pushed the switch to turn her on, then jumped out the door and ran like hell, slippin' an' trippin' to get around to the other side of the rig and stick the long nosed lighter into the burner tube and touch off the fire... before the dang thing shut off the propane.

Well now, she lights up all by herself... THAT lil' computer board/box sets a fella back $180 bucks... oooofffff.

Now, If I was one of those Norwegian fellas that likes to go snow drift divin' in his skivies, I'd just wash up with cold water and save the $180 for imported beer... but... bein' the weak ol' grumpy geezer I am... it wouldn't be fair to the world around me... to be makin' the noises that would occur of an early morning... when that cold water hit my tender kiester.... eeeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEEE! ...

... Talk about blue smoke, bad words and dirty names! ... Yeah... it's better for all of ya that I've got the hot water heater functioning proper again.

And, the Big news is...  my second Novel, A Pair of Second Chances is up and published... sort of. I'm hesitating pulling the trigger on it completely. I uploaded the files to Smashwords, my distributor, early this morning. While the ebook is available on my Smashwords page... It'll be several days/a couple weeks or so before it makes it through the system and out to all the retail distributors like Barnes and Noble, Apple, Amazon, etc. The book is waiting on a manual, human "Eyes On" review before it can go into the Premium Catalog and be shipped to those stores.

In the meantime, I sit squirming like a cut worm... waiting anxiously!

Anyhoo... as soon as that review is completed I'll be screechin' an' bawlin' Get 'er While It's Hot! ... and... Hopin' like the devil that folks like it... and it Gets Hot! :)

Have a few more chores to do this week... and a third book to get stated on :) while I wait for the NASCAR race at PIR next week. We'll be moving over to the track Sunday sometime. and I'll be starting to work, hauling race crazy NASCAR fans around come Friday of next week.

Now that I've got my editing done, I think I may just take a day or two "off"... 'cause you know, this living full time on the road... with nothin' to do but spin new yarns... is Hard Work!!! :)

Relaxifyin' on the Arizona Desert

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Warren said...

I couldn't see paying that much for the replacement cap when the lid to a Gatorade bottle has been working just fine for a couple of years now. It's even orange so I can find it when I drop it in the grass.

I'm heading to Smashwords.

Have fun with all those people at PIR.


Brian said...

A Gatorade bottle cap? Where were you yesterday Warren? ;) and I already got the email from Smashwords that you'd been there. Thank You! You got the Very First Copy I think! Hope you like it... I'm at that place where you throw the "Kid" out into the world and sit waiting for the "Response"... holding your breath with your eyes clamped shut ;)

Marcia G. said...

I'm writing this from Gulf Shores, AL where we just spent 4 days camping with our grandkids, son and DIL. Had a wonderful time and had fantastic weather. High today? 74 It is windy but skies are bright blue with a ton of sunshine. Had a blast with the kids. They left to go back to home this a.m. near Jackson, Mississippi. We'll be here a couple more days. Gulf State Park is a great place if you're looking for somewhere to camp near the Gulf of Mexico. Oil is mostly gone and beaches look pretty and hardly have ANYONE on them this time of the year. You should give it a try.

Congrats on getting your book off to Smashwords. I am working on a book about my experience and survival of breast cancer---21 years this past July as a survivor! So I know about that HARD WORK you mentioned. No one who has not written a book or even a long paper for school has any idea how HARD that can be. You should definitely take a few days off and rest on your laurels.

Thanks for the interesting things you post---mostly just eveyday stuff in your life but written in an engaging style. :-)

Gaelyn said...

Thanks Warren, I'll keep that Gatorade cap in mind. I'm sure to loose the one I have at some point.

Congrats on getting the book done, well almost anyway.

Have fun at the PIR.

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Good luck on the book... You are going to be rich someday... selling e books and traveling for inspiration. Just a matter of time, partner.

Anonymous said...

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