Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ol' Murphy Just Can't Keep Up...

It's gettin' cold on the front range. Leastways for a guy that's had his mind focused on chasin' 70 degrees on the thermometer for the last year or so! :)

Hard to believe I reveled in ridin' my Raider at 10 degrees through a Colorado winter huh? :)

Repairs have been comin' slow... Busy time of year for a good welder... Who Hunts! :) Hopin' to have those chores buttoned up this Weekend, and then we should be on the move come Monday mornin'... On the Road Again and takin' treatment for my Border Collie-ism.

It's that time of year that the southern desert starts callin' to me... 'course, if I do it like we done it last spring, movin' north too early, and catchin' 8" of snow on Memorial Day! :) ... we'll be hittin' the Sonoran Desert while they're still demonstrating their sidewalk egg fryin' techniques.

It's a funny thing, born a long ways back east... Cleveland, Freaking, Ohio... I never fit there. I remember always feeling like I was lost there... I didn't belong. And I was like, 11!

Hit that Arizona desert, and... have you ever had somebody pin you to the ground and sit on your chest?

Remember how good it felt when they finally climbed off and let you up? ... and you could take a full breath again?

That, is how it felt when I hit that open, high desert. Like, for the first time in my short life... I could Breathe.

Big hats, horsehide, and far country...

Same thing these many years later... I come rollin' down the line, cross into that desert country, and as much as I treasure the high up and lonesome?... that Desert will always be Home.

In a few weeks we'll be Home... and Ridin' my Raider in the Sunshine... in December... without takin' an hour to apply 17 layers of insulation to keep from transforming myself into a bald headed popsickle!

This has been kind of a tough month. Busted rig... greedy tax man; who I applied a good whuppin to I'll have you know! ;) a few other agitations and distractions... but... when it's all said and done, I'm gonna be back on the road that somehow, some way... gives me whatever it is my twisted and battered Ol' soul needs.

Yes Sir... between the RV Wanderin'... Puttin' that Big Red Motorcycle in the wind... Whittling my words...

And, Living in the Freedom I enjoy... the trials and difficulties really fade away into mere potholes to steer around.

The way to look at it, I suppose, is to see those difficulties as the necessary contrast so a fella can recognize the good fortune that occupies the greatest amount of his time.

So... if you tend toward the half empty glass... like... uh... some other Twisters 'round here... ya gotta make a deliberate and concentrated effort to see that though that glass IS only half full... there must be somethin' flowin' into it, at a pretty fair rate, to keep it that way...

... considerin' how fast that Murphy bugger is workin' to drain it all the dang time! ;)

Nigh on to South Bound

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Anonymous said...

I can relate. We all have our "places."

I'm NYC born and raised. When I relocated temporarily to Colorado back in the 90's, for the first time in my life, I felt like I could breathe. I'm in the south now, with every intention of returning home to Colorado for good someday. Somehow. :-)

Barry and Linda said...

Me too, born in NYC and raised just outside. The first time I visited 'The Valley of the Sun', at 13, I was drawn to the wide open spaces. Attended ASU for my e-d-u-k-s-h-o-n and now reside in FL, but try to return to the west as much as possible. The High Lonesome recharges your soul, but the desert seems to recharge your body.

Anonymous said...

Safe trip you two! It seems you have had all the problems you need this season:) Enjoy the desert. We're on our way to the Texas Coastal Bend. That's where my hubby can breathe:)

If you come our way, give us a holler. We'll give you a boat ride and fresh fish for dinner:)

Snackmaster and Jan

Ted said...

Well, not a native cowboy! That's a revelation, but now I understand that small piece attitude in your writing that I could never put my finger on. You can take the boy out of the Northeast, but you can't take the Northeast out of the boy. On another note, contrast is necessary as you must hear a jet at 30,000' from the ground in order to appreciate the silence of the desert.