Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sorting Out Our Future RV Home... All Over Again.

Bein' as superstitious as I am... I'm a mite hesitant to speak of this... again. I've carried on this conversation in the past, but now the "pressure" to change is growing again... even if that "Pressure" is self inflicted.

What can I say... I'm a restless soul, and never content with things as they are, for too awful long, Always, stirrin' the pot.

Then, this morning, in answering an email I kinda let the veil slip a touch, and then found an idea rattling around my spacious and empty brain pan; "Well, that's unfair. Ya let one fella know a bit of what you're thinkin'... but you're gonna leave everyone else who's read your gas for so long... in the dark?"

So, as a consequence... I'm not gonna maintain that suspense... at least for those who let such things be suspenseful! and even if I do have to eat a few Crow feathers in the process...

We've been hauling this good Eagle around since it was built in 2001, and a good rig it's been. We lived in it, effectively full time, a time or two for several months at a time, and it did well. But, we Knew then, those were short term "full times".

Now, we've been "On the Road" with No Going Back, for pretty much a full year... and many miles in front of us yet to be wandered.

We've settled solidly, and comfortably, into our Long Camp way of going. Travel a day or three... settle into a NF or BLM camp for a day or two, while we search out the next Long camp, and then settle in there for 10 or 18 days. In fact, those Long Camps seem to be getting longer... but shhhhh... don't tell the ranger fellas... we're working to not attract attention to our "Ways". (and in fact, it IS our intention to stretch those camps a bit)

Longer Boondocking camps make for more relaxed yondering as well as stretching our budget as needed. The truth being that after a year of travel, our bank account, though still razor thin, is better than it was.

Over the many miles we've yondered the past year a few things in our camp have risen to the top. and a few shortcomings have come clearer.

Though the truck has served well backroading, it would be nicer to have a lighter, more economical, and NARROWER rig to back road with. :) When I said that, Heidi told me that, since I took this truck over Imogene Pass, with the outside dual hanging over a few thousand feet of air, I can't really say I Hesitate at all to take it up narrow back roads! :)

Just the same, a more compact back road Vee-Hickle would make for A More Harmonious Outcome! :) Having an Amigo, Sidekick, Tracker, even up to a Rodeo sized small car would be a nice compliment to our camp to daytrip in, rather then the big Ol' Diesel Dodge.

Another thing that's happened is, a return, by both of us to some pretty active Beading and Leatherwork... which... pushes a desire for a bit more conveniently accessible storage of the tools and materials for those RV Recreational activities... while maintaining a good work space for me to tap tap tap out all the gas I publish! :)

I've worn out maybe six trees worth of paper and pencils, trying to conjure a way to make this Ol' Dodge and Jayco Eagle do the things the evolution of my Yondering ways has come to call for.

At some point I've decided a fella just has to accept that you can't make a very good bucket out of a balloon. So... Once again we're back to looking at all the options and possibilities of a total change.

... And, as I told the fella I was writing to this morning, I've also got to fit that change-up of RV Rigs into a pretty anemic budget... so it'll have to be a carefully worked out and Timed enterprise, along with a nice dose of good luck.

Part of, and maybe the biggest part, of this whole deal is keeping my Cowboy Biker publishing enterprise moving along like it has been. It's not growing at some barn burning rate, but, the fact that has kept on improving and growing... as Long as I do my job, gives me confidence.

So right now, job one is to quit finding excuses and put the work into whittling the last words for my second novel and get it published.

Then... it's make the final decision as to What sort of rig, or combination is going to be the one that carries us for likely the next SEVERAL years of Yondering. So I can rope that sucker and get it parked in my camp!

So... to end the suspense I've whittled the options down to three main categories... and to tell the truth, that, in my mind is leaning hard in one direction... but... I will hold that Leaning, confidential for the time being... so I can have some hope of limiting the amount of Crow in my Diet.

1. A Mature MDT Truck pulling a just as mature Toybox Fiver. Bike on the truck, Toad in the Fiver (The Costliest option) and a bit tougher to fit into the NF and BLM camps we use...

2. A Modest sized Motorhome with a Motorcycle lift, pulling a compact AWD Toad. (the quickest and easiest to line out)

and... then the Wildest version of my conjuring...

Number 3... Taking the winter to carve out a Unique and to some Bizarre, Skoolie Conversion. (The riskiest and most labor intensive... but likely the shortest of the rigs)

Well there it is... the cat's out of the bag... let's hope it don't lacerate my kiester too awful bad...

Nothing is gonna happen in the near term. Likely be deep into an Arizona winter 'fore anything substantial gets done... but... I'm hopeful that the next few months will keep things moving and the route we'll take will continue to come clearer.

Loading today and rolling back north for Montana, in the morning...

Yondering and Wondering

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Pam said...

Brian, I can't wait to see what you come up with for your future yonderings! I'm sure it will be an interesting journey and I'm looking forward to reading your experiences. This is one of my favoritest blogs! Thanks for making my days brighter!

Adnama said...

As is with most of us-the wants are dictated to by the size of the funds. Who said we don't have a dictatorship- mine is my budget. I know what I want- but my budget says "have a cheap beer"

Don said...

Should be interesting to see what you come up with. All that 'cowboy engineering' has already showed us some amazing things. Best of luck!

Gaelyn said...

I think I've lived in almost every combination there is, except a Toyhauler which just didn't appeal to me as they all see even flimsier than a regular RV. Sure you'll have fun deciding.

Find out if you can insure the Skolie before buying.

Anonymous said...

We're at the same place - have a great fifth wheel and a great truck. At the moment, I drive our Jeep everywhere we go because we really don't want to double-tow. Ideally, we would like a MH towing our Jeep, but that would limit the back country places we like to park. That has been made even clearer to us this summer in the Colorado high country. A MH wouldn't fit on some of the roads and in some of the camping spots we have been:(

Will be curious to see what you come up with:)

Snackmaster and Jan

Ted said...

Brian, What is a "Mature MDT Truck" and what is a "Skoolie Conversion"? I'm finding that a F-150 FX4 with Ecoboost engine and a 28" TT will accommodate a lot of gear and the truck will go almost anywhere a Jeep Wrangler will go - size of the truck being the limiting factor.

Shadowmoss said...

I keep watching and hoping to learn from others' working through the options. Since I already have the Jeep (in storage right now, so still pretty much new) I'm more and more leaning toward something small and cheap that the Wrangler can tow like the converted trailer you showed earlier or a Casita. After a few years (months, days) living that way I'll know more. Kinda like you guys are doing now. Keep congitating.

Brian said...

Pam; Many Thanks and you are very welcome!

Amanda; Exactly! But I cheat and buy the GOOD Beer! :)

Don, Anon, and Paula; Working on it... but... the "scheme" keeps shifting on me :)

Gaelyn; That is one of the things coloring my scheming

Ted; a "Mature MDT" is the gentler of saying a "Well used Medium Duty Truck" and a Skoolie conversion is a "School Bus Conversion".

Snack Master and Jan; We stick to pretty open areas so we maximize our Solar power, but I can't say a decent motorhome would have any trouble getting to any of the spots we've used. Even the couple up single lane logging roads. a 40 footer maybe :) Most of the "access" issues we can see would be in the Developed camps in between...

So... we keep weighing all the possible options... :)