Thursday, August 4, 2011

Headin' Home... Which Currently, Is Parked in Montana!

But, not before we spent our last evening in Colorado, with Miss Jillian, and the "Kids" (can you still call thirty somethings, Kids?) at the county fair.

*Adams County Fair*
Wandering through the livestock barns and walking the Midway had Heidi remembering times long past... and many nights at "The County Fair"...

No one else volunteered, and I'm not foolish enough to climb on any of those neck twisting, gut inverting, liver churning Rides. Not a chance! I'm a LOT smarter than that.

Yes sir! I stick to the secure and serene safety of sitting on 113 cubic inches of rumbling Yamaha V Twin splitting the wind on two wheels at Nine-Oh! :)

Then we got up and got a good start this morning on our return run to Montana. Made camp, early this evening back in Dubois. We initially thought of heading up Cody way, and maybe putting up at Pahaska Tepee... but... the difference of $129 bucks there, and $70 in the same set of lil' cabins in Dubois... had us keep to the southern route!

Sheesh. I don't want to BUY the motel... just sleep there for a few hours.

We got in here at a decent hour, early enough to take a nice stroll down town for supper and a lil' tourista shopping. Went in to Horse Creek Station and had a real nice conversation with Monte Baker. He's a talented fella that was playin' the piano on the sidewalk out front when we walked up.

He and Heidi talked 'bout beads for some lil' while 'fore we took a turn through his Horse Creek Gallery. Besides making music and hawking old Beads, Monte takes Moose Antlers and carves them into the Most remarkable works of art. Follow the link and take a look! Really beautiful Art.

Since we were looking to find a new place for supper we asked Monte, and without a seconds hesitation he popped his thumb over his shoulder and said; "Paya's, right there!"

*Paya Deli and Pizza shop in Dubois"
So, that's where we went. Turned out to be a good choice too. A fella gets tired of the same old food, even if it's good, of the standard national chains... What the sense in traveling half way 'cross the country, to eat the same old thing... BORING!

It's nice, in the small towns you pass through, to take an occasional meal at one of the Local places, and try something you've NOT had before.

And this ain't no pizza parlor. The lady runnin' the show was a chef on cruise boats and other fancy sorts of Venues... and the Mr. was a pastry chef... twixt the two of  'em they've put an awful nice, comfortable lil' place together. And the food, was excellent. Roast Beef on Flatbread was my choice and Heidi had Pulled BBQ Pork on Flatbread. Very Good! :)

While we didn't have their pizza... it looked pretty fine. Cooked the old fashioned way in an open fire brick type of oven... Funny thing is, they do the pizza 'cause there's a demand for it... though neither of them much cares for it... but... they decided, if they're gonna make pizza, they're gonna do it right. Looked to me like they did!

*Pizza's in the Oven at the Paya Deli in Dubois*

... it's not often I give a recommendation on eateries. Some folks say I don't notice bad food unless there's things crawlin' in it... and then only if THOSE taste bad... so ... You can take Heidi's word for it! :)

A short walk back to our bunks and now to bed. Tomorrow's lookin' to be a long day. Meeting up with a big sister in Yellowstone... and we still have to make Seeley lake 'fore dark...

*Prominent Dubois Citizens*
But... I guess some of the more Upstanding citizens of Dubois don't really give a hoot for my itinerary difficulties...

So, I'll push the send button now and sign off to get my beauty sleep... :) I know, I know... it IS hard to improve on bald headed perfection... but I try!

Goin' Home

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