Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's GOOD to be Back Home Again

Thunderboomers in Dubois the night 'fore last. I sleep well with rain on the roof. Got up to a wet truck and clear skies that made for an awful nice run up and over Togwotee Pass, through it's contstruction...

*Togwotee Pass Construction*

... on past the Togwotee Lodge and the first view of the Tetons from the point above it...

*First View of the Tetons from Togwotee Pass*
 and drop down to head into the parks, past Ox Bow Bend...

*Ox Bow Bend and the Tetons*
You know you're in trouble, when all you want to do is stand and look at the mountains... but ... you're supposed to be sixty miles away. :)

So... after we used up probably half an hour, doin' just that... we made ourselves climb back in the ol' Dodge and roll on up the road some more... to link up, only an hour late, with Big Sister at Fishing Bridge for a couple hours.

We could only make the short visit, 'cause the Eagle was patiently waiting in Seeley Lake and many miles separate Fishing Bridge and there.

The Ol' truck made good time and rolled us into the storage yard a couple hours 'fore dark to get hitched up.

The rig was in good shape after bein' left alone for so long... the propane hadn't run out so the fridge was still cold, no mice, no bad at all... A Good Thing!

Big Larch where we'd stayed several days, right next door was Over Full, so I just pointed the rig North for twenty miles or so, and found a nice wide spot (an overlook), along side what they call Summit Lake to spend a quiet night...

Tough place. The Loons were singin' late in the evening as the sun settled in... and this morning for the sunrise, though the Loons are quiet, we've a nice view out the window at our current front yard.

*Summit Lake... Home of a few Loons in Montana*
Today we'll move on for just a little, up past Big Fork, and on to Kalispell.We need to settle in, somewhere, and do a little "housekeeping" and kinda get our heads settled back down after a couple weeks of "confusion" and hoopla, in amongst all our people down in the Settlements. :)

It feels good to be back home, back in our own rig... It feels right. This wandering life, at My pace, is where I belong. Whether I'm content with the rig I'm running or not! :)

Bound for Some More New Country

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

I'm licking my chops... just two more weeks of work and then a week or so of packing chores and we're on the road again, just in time for leaf and grizzly peeping!!!
Your photos got to me, CowBoy.