Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dumping Oil, Carving Leather, Tying Knots, Motorcycle Cruising, and Shining Times

Been stayin' busy.

Unloaded the Raider as soon as we got here, 'cause I decided I should start doin' my own maintenance again on that too... must have took me ten times what it should have to service that big scooter...

It's a hard thing for grumpy Ol' Buster with a twisted "Bender" to crawl around on a garage floor hunting up all the drains on the durn thing... While trying to keep his wal mart cheaters on his dang nose... so he even has half a chance of seeing anything!

That bike not only has Three drain plugs, that you can't really see, it carries more oil then the big 450 HP, 390 V8 that I built in my last Hot Rod Truck!

But she's done now, and I'm back to servicing all my own machinery again... Not a thing that makes me giggle, 'cause mechanicin' mostly isn't a real attractive past time to me... but... keepin' a few more pesos in the bank to pay for fuel makes it a worthy sacrifice. :)

It's not a huge amount, but I guess I'm saving maybe half of the cost of payin' the shops to do that servicing. Every lil' bit helps the budget.

The Wedding we came down for, is this afternoon and for the first time in a while, the Album I've built for it is finished in time! No having to give it back to me for completion! Shocking News! :)

The design is really gonna work well I think. Built from scratch and no stitching required. Four tooled panels. Front and Back covers and two interior cover panels. Kinda cool! A pretty simple design for a tooled leather album for an RV Based leather craftsman. Eliminates the need for a big stitching horse or a bigger leather stitcher!

Tomorrow morning Josh and I are gonna take his custom Hard Tail and see if he can keep up... or... if his Daddy-N-Law can behave himself and not twist the throttle so tight, on a ride up into the mountains...

Josh thought it'd be fun to have a video of that... Only... his senile daddy-N-law left his video camera, bought for that purpose... sitting in the rig in Montana. DOH! I swear, I'm gonna need to get rich enough to have a personal assistant to keep track of all my packs and 'possibles'. :)

So, I guess I'll only be able to snap some pics...

Now, speakin' of "Budgets" ... We're comin' up on a year on the road. We left with enough in the bank to Almost get to the end of the month... and Only That... and destroyed a tire on day one! :)

We're still pretty hand to mouth but the truth is there actually are a couple of dollars in the bank now, in spite of all the tires, fuel pump and such we've had to deal with. Most of that came from selling the black bike... but that it's been able to be left in the bank is a good thing! :)

One thing that is The Best is how my websites and my lil' publishing effort have been tootin' along. Makin' me rich? Not so you'd notice... better than that. It's keepin' us on the road, and eating. :)

Last month Amazon sold hard on four dozen copies of my novel A Matter of Honor. Not a barn burner for sure, but you know what? That's a tank of diesel I didn't have to make somewhere else! :) and the books moving through my Smashwords Distributor are hangin' right with Amazon. Sweet!

On top of that, this is my Best Month I've EVER had with the Websites. Awesome! The Bottom line? Between the two areas my writing/publishing has moved up in our sources of RV Boondocking income to just about half.

In large part, I have all you guys to Thank for that! so... MANY THANKS! :)

I guess I better go and get myself made presentable for Terry's festivities today.

Again, Many Thanks for What you all do here. This Ol' Buster appreciates it more than any of you can possibly know.

Some Times, Shining Times are Quiet Times

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