Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inventory is Done and the Truck is Lame...

More folks than usual showed up to help with the store inventory yesterday, so all that Bead Wranglin' got done up in good time... while I hid out in the back office to do some website rebuilding and housekeeping, which, didn't... get completely done :o)

Can't say that's unexpected. It's pretty much the never ending task with a website. But, I did get quite a bit of what I used to call an RV Bookstore rebuilt into what I'm, more accurately calling my ebookshelf. Still a bit more to do... but I need something to keep me out of the bars, right?

Now... On to lame trucks...

That Ol' Dodge, almost wouldn't run yesterday morning. Took nearly an hour to get it cleared out to run up to Fort Collins... then... I made the mistake of letting it cool down too much during the day, which left me in a tight trying to get it fired up again when the temp dropped back down into the single digits in the evening.

That turned out to be a bad, and a good thing... I think, 'cause it's helped me figure out what was really goin' wrong... 'cause cold as it's been, it ain't been cold enough for the fuel to be gelling, especially as much as I've got it treated with anti-gel...

So... The problem, would be a problem down on the desert just as well I think... the below zero temps just made it show up a lil' quicker... At least what I'm judging the issue to be. Which is, I think, a waxed up fuel filter.

Well DOH! I should have changed it 'fore now... My Bad! I usually change it every other oil change... tried to cheap out this time... bad choice I think! So, come Monday morning I'll run it on down and have a service shop swap it out for me... and then we'll see if I'm right.

Which is a good thing, 'cause, Loving to look up at the cab console as we're rolling down the Interstate, and seeing it say -5 degrees as much as I do, we've decided to postpone our return to the desert for a day or two.
A lil' project kind of popped up that our kid could use a hand with, so we're gonna do that 'fore we pull out and haul my frozen kiester south.

Dreaming of Desert Sands... In Colorado! :o)

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Cindy Kingma said...

Hmmmmm, fuel filters; hope that is the answer. Relatively easy(?) fix compared to other things. Guess ya don't want to 'cheapen' certain maintenance stuff after all. Especially if you ARE right! Good rule of thumb, I've found, is cheap CAN get you inna heapa lotta expensive trouble sometimes. But you know that already...not ragging on ya, just sayin'. Since that truck is your ticket to wandering and all. Hugs