Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to all You Boondockers!

... and New Years just may be my time to depart the frozen North!
Got up early this morning in Denver, to roll up the Interstate to Fort Collins... got down real dang cool last night. Not sure how cool... but... cool enough that the diesel started gelling in the truck... even though I'd put in some anti-gel...

Got it warmed up enough to smooth out and start running... for a couple miles... Stopped and fueled... and almost didn't get moving again... Gelled fuel or water in it... it took me a good long while to get the dang thing running... bottom line? ...

It's for sure and for certain... I am, once again, a kid built for the desert... in the winter time!

Yeah they've been complain' down there 'bout how cold it is... Ya know what? there's one hell of a difference between 25 or 30 degrees... and... anything with a "-" in front of it! :o)

We'd been planning on haulin' out on Monday... that may get postponed for a day or two, while we help the kids with a lil' project before we leave... guessin' I'll get the green light or red light on that lil' deal this evening, when we run back from the annual inventory at the store in the fort...

So... while all the gals are out on the floor, countin' Beads... I'm brushed up back in the office... trying to do some Electronic Housekeeping on the websites... sheesh... what a mess! :o) Guess I've been doggin' it for a couple months :o) ... hmmm... you'd think I've been out travelin' or something!

Lookin' at making a few changes for the New Year on the websites... Lookin' around, I think things may have gotten a lil' cluttered an' more difficult to find the trail through... and maybe a lil' confusing... though, as advanced as my Old Timers has become... maybe it's just me? ;o)

Yeah, I think I maybe neglected things around here the past couple months of high diesel consumption! :o)

Anyhoo... I'll be rearranging a few things to hopefully clear out the clutter and organize a little cleaner... I'm lookin' at a new layout/format of the daily blog... redoing the RV Bookstore ... since it is really more of my own personal ebookshelf... and return the Old Blog to ONLY RV News and Reviews... rather than confusing things as I've done, with my ebook stuff...

There's a few other odds and ends to clean up a few things... and just do a general Spring cleaning... in the winter!

That way... when spring comes... 'stead of doin' any sort of a cleanup 'round here, I'll just be ridin', writin', and rovin' ! :o)

... 'course, before then, when we get back to the Phoenix Desert this week I've got a few jobs to get buttoned up on the rig, before we haul west to Quarzite mid month... and then back somewhere SE Arizona for several weeks of heavy duty laptop button punching... holed up on the Sonoran Desert... somehwere!

Sweepin', Cleanin' and Kickin' up dust on the Internet...

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Cindy Kingma said...

Glad ya got that truck 'ungelled'!
I'd never heard the term before moving to E. WA. Never had those problems in Seattle area. Yes, I hear you on the - numbers. Complain of 25-30? That's warm in comparison and I think you can be happy in those for the "lows". You deserve some beautiful desert scenerios for all that computer work. I'm so glad this 2011 will find you wandering and spinning new tales!