Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hitch Itch is a Dangerous Affliction! I Need to be Careful!

When we took off in September I had a bad case of hitch itch raging. It took a hell of a lot of diesel fuel to soothe it, and get it under control. It wouldn't do to sit around in one spot, too long, and let it get all fired up again!

Better to keep it under control with smaller doses of diesel...

Now, there's some that claim, and I hold with their opinion, that though a consistent program of low dose diesel application is a good treatment for Chronic Hitch Itch; Studies show that the success rate nearly doubles with the addition of a supplemental, moderate, dose of Splitting the Wind on a Ribbon of Highway... On a Motorcycle!

... and that Ribbon can be just about anywhere! :o)

Since I can feel the faint stirrings that recurring itch here in Denver... It's likely a good thing that our stay here is getting short. We should be pulling out and heading back south... to find my Raider so I can get back to some supplemental treatments, sometime early in the new year... like... Monday or Tuesday...

Can't afford to have that Hitch Itch affliction get stirred up like it was...again! :o)

... and of course... the weather is starting to go South as well :o) in with a storm... out with another I guess!

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