Monday, December 27, 2010

RV Hardware Bins, RV Tinkering and Custom RV Construction ...or...

Let's build a Rat Rod RV Tow Vehicle!!

Huh? A What? 

Yes!! A Rat Rod Tow Vehicle! ... "Martha!!! Watch out for him!!! I think this boy has done gone and caught some sort of a virus! He's gone to babblin' 'bout crazy stuff! " :o)

Yup... I'm back to my old ways... and I've got to thinkin' my old ways just might could be genetically connected to my Gypsy gene... Life would sure be simpler if one old geezer I know of could just get hisself comfortable with the way things are; rather than always schemin' 'bout how they could be! :o)

It seems that the lil' bit of custom RV Tinkering Bud and I did 'fore Heidi and I cut north from Phoenix for Christmas (reworking the tail mounted motorcycle carrier into an RV Cargo Rack) has gone and fired up my Schemin' parts...

On top of that... Mark an' Bobbie talkin' of moving to a smaller rig has got that idea of a smaller, lighter, easier gypsy rig, simmerin' in my head again... along with rat ride motorcycles and... my newest redneck goofy idea to Make it my Own ... a Rat Rod RV Tow Vehicle... and one set up special... to haul motorcycles in front of that Lil' Rig?

Seems perfect to me... and I already got the truck, with as many dents and scuffs as my ol Rat Ride Butt has got! ;o) ... so I've got a head start! :o)

'course... as always for a guy like me... that all just means I gotta sell a whole passel more books to foot the bill for all my schemin'! :o) ... like I said, it would all be a lot simpler if I was one of those fellers that was just content to see where he's been... 'stead of always standing with my eyes on the horizon! :o) 

Oh well... where's the fun in that?!! 

Had a thought... Maybe I should oughta go sit up at the street corner with some of those other fellas, looking all grubby and raggedy... MY cardboard sign could read:

Hungry and Homeless
Buy my ebooks
Only, I'm stuck on one lil' thing... where can I put the link for 'em to click? :o) Yeah... well... Every idea can't be a good one!

I Did have one the other day walkin' through Costco... they had some hardware bins for sale. two drawers in a metal case. 48 compartments already stocked with some misc nuts and bolts and cotter pins and such. 

*Perfect RV Hardware Organizer at Costco!*
I picked up two of 'em. I'll double up the stock in one of 'em which will open up the other for all the lil' bits I carry in several different places... elec. splice connectors and ends, bulbs, fuses, screws, plumbers tape... yadda yadda yadda... 

Rather than two or three boxes of stuff all jumbled up I'll have a nice neat setup... Sweet! .. 'course...that means I gotta rework that front compartment a lil' now... to accept the new arrangement! ... like I said... I'm back to my Old RV Tinkering Ways! :o)

Schemin' and Dreamin' (as always!) Along the Front Range

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Glenda Laine said...

I've been following your blog (and quite a number of others) for the last couple of months to get an idea what living full-time in an RV is like. I found it very interesting that you're thinking of "downsizing" your RV now. We have a 17' molded fiberglass Casita travel trailer which we're planning on full-timing in. Yes, it's small but self-contained, compact, efficient, and light weight. Everyone calls them "cute" but a number of big-rig owners have told us they wish they had something easier like our Casita to maintain. We plan to live OUTSIDE it as much as possible, not holed up inside. Since they're just two solid pieces of fiberglass, leaking, delamination, and other ills that befall large rigs are not a worry.

Just a suggestion to look into if you're serious about going smaller. And there are more & more couples & singles full-timing in that small of a rig also.

Brian said...

Glenda; a lot of people can't even think of going into something as small as your outfit... we like to be outside as much as we can, again like you say...

If you use a screen room, it can work out pretty fine.

Another thing is the increased number of places you can fit a small rig into... so, something for us to keep in mind...

... I'm also schemnin' a couple other parts of this puzzle... hmmm... there's always somethin' goin' on! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Pard, no need to fret over the small stuff. I retired and traded my nice pickup for a very nice Trans-Van. It's a 20 footer, Econoline 350, and loaded with everything a guy needs to live big. Still small enough to go anywhere. It's no more difficult to handle than a large van. Sleeps three comfortably.

Point is smaller has it definite advantages. Never feel like I'm closed in cause I got the whole out-doors for my front yard, backyard, and side yard.

It takes some time t get the hang of things, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Happy trails,