Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night before Christmas and All 'Round the Camp...

Nobody could find the broken down Ol' Cowboy Biker Geezer... 'cause he'd gone AWOL for Christmas and was hiding out in Denver.

The Sun is shining, the New batteries are starting the truck. Josh an' Keriann whipped up Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast. Miss Jillian is keeping everyone hoppin' ... and so far... I've managed to avoid, the crazed shopping robots at the malls... for the most part.

Well... except for the Bass Pro Shop excursion... but then, goin' to Bass Pro... don't really qualify as Shopping does it?

That ain't shopping! That there is nothin' but a genuine Redneck Museum! :o)

I'd name names of all the folks I send Christmas Greetings to... but there's so many... and my Old Timers would be sure to engage my forgetfulness and slight someone so let me just wish Everyone who comes here a joyful and wonderful Christmas celebration.

And... A Very Special Christmas Wish... to all the Men and Women, and My friend "Z", now serving us all, on battlefields in far flung deserts across the world... Be safe this Christmas. I know what it's like to be far from home at this time of year. Be safe and know that you are all In Our Thoughts on this day.

Know also that we are so very grateful for, and appreciate the peace we live in. Peace that can only exist in the environment your sacrifices created for us... You are NOT forgotten. You WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. Merry Christmas, each and every one of you, and May God Bless Your Day.

Merry Christmas


Shadowmoss said...

Merry Christmas and a safe Holiday from warm Honduras.

Sharlotte said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from chilly Baton Rouge, LA.

Ad said...

Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas and safe and peaceful Happy New Year. All the best from central California.


catman4926 said...

May God be with all our men and weman overseas and may His angles whtch over there families as they serve old Glory

Marry Christmas to all