Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The RV Community... Christmas Shopping and Toasted Batteries

If you've been following the last couple of days... I kind of started a lil' discussion 'bout making preparations in pursuit of the dream of goin' full time.

As you can guess... we don't all see things the same way... In a lot of places these days, unfortunately, that leads to some pretty heated "discussions". Seems like too many people are pretty intolerant of somebody else's point of view. Now, I'm all for bein' passionate 'bout what you think.

I've said it before... and I think I may have gotten it from Helen Keller... in my words, it's something along the lines of; "A life without passion just ain't worth a leaky bucket."

But passion don't mean, even a little bit, that you can justify rude behavior. Like Cap'n Call said; "I can't stand rude behavior in a man... won't tolerate it!" :o)

So... though folks come here and talk with passion... they've been doin' it with respect too... and that to me, is a the shining thing about the "RV Community".

Hell. Right here, we got one, broken down, grumpy, Ol' Cowboy biker... living hand to mouth, haulin' an old reworked Jayco, that comes from a world of cow flop an' choppin' ice... rubbin' elbows with guys like Ernie; who comes from the world of high technology and high finance. 

Though our histories are worlds apart we can share ideas and experiences with good humor and respect... and THAT... to me... is what it's all about... Shining Times!

Well... enough of that for a while! :o)

Yesterday, Miss Jillian decided that her Nanny an' Pappy should oughta take her to the Bass Pro Shop just across town from her folks house... so we borrowed her Momma's car, while She got dressed and ready to go do some serious shopping...

loaded her up in the car seat... and off we wandered, bound for Redneck Heaven!

*Bass Pro Shop in Denver*
I gotta tell you... her Ol' Dad may be in trouble... this lil' gal is a Power Shopper! and she knows what she wants...

She... just might be a Redneck Kid too! ...

*Hmmmm... something makes me think she wants an ATV!*
Leastways... if her choice of Toys means anything! :o) She sure seemed to be fond of the motorized "Toys"... but, after an afternoon in the Denver Bass Pro Shop... which just has got to be a Redneck Heaven ... she slept all the way home... likely dreamin' of Arctic Cats, Moose Mounts and Turkey Hunting videos...

OK... before anybody goes bananas on me... we did walk away BEFORE they pulled the trigger on the Turkey Video!!!... so... Chill! :o)

But you say..."The title of the post says "Toasted Batteries"... what's that about?"

well... OK... that actually is, a lil' inaccurate... I don't guess you can call 'em "Toasted" when they die and the temperature is in the 30's can you? :o)

It really wasn't much of a surprise. I knew from the way the truck has been starting the last few weeks, and the general appearance of 'em that they'd not be around much longer. Well... "Much Longer" turned out to be last night...

So... today was tee total booked up with appointments and other stuff... that we did with a borrowed car... Leaving Thursday morning... wide open for a trip to Costco... and the acquisition and installation of a pair of starting batteries for that Good Ol' Dodge Cummins. :o)

Darn!... I'll bet those batteries woulda lasted a good bit of a couple more weeks had we stayed down on the warm desert! :o)

Better go get my beauty sleep if I'm to be doin' an imitation of a battery mechanic in the morning.

Dreamin' of Redneck Toys along with the Grandbaby

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Sharlotte said...

Oh Brian, my friend, enjoy the Raider while you can because I think the little rangler is gonna want to ride it when she gets bigger. She is absolutely beautiful!! And dang, when did she get so big??? Hope you and Heidi have a great time visiting.