Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where I Camp... and the Reason I Boondock The Way I do...

Lots of folks argue 'bout "What Boondocking is"... and how you have to do "it"... to do "it" right... an' that's fine... I just got lil' time for that myself.

Hell, some even claim to "Boondock" at Wally World... well... OK... if you wanna call it that... but... for me, that's just stopping to get some sleep between here and there. :o)

There's those that'll say; "You gotta be on the back side of beyond... 29 miles past the sign that says "High Clearance Vehicle Needed", to be boondocking... and if you don't haul your water in and out... in buckets, or tanks or... whatever... and make a "job" of it... you're Not Really Boondocking...

Well... OK... If ya'll wanna put that kind of pressure on yourselves...

I truly do like having a camp, set off all by ourselves, out on the Desert, or up in the woods somewhere... a fine thing. But I'm not gonna ruin what is a good camp by gettin' all tied up over whether it's FREE or not... or whether there's already a fire pit there... or other "camp" improvements the Forest Service might have put in.

So far, in the early part of this circle, we've simply been using BLM and National Forest camps. Why?

Well, we've been goin' to National Parks and Monuments... and generally, it's just more convenient... and since I was born lazy, and gotten lazier, every day since... easy and convenient is good! :o)

And what can I say? Look at the pictures I've gotten the last few weeks! The locations have been superb, with no shortage of beautiful country to fill our eyes, right outside the door. Top that with the convenience of a local outhouse... better than having to haul the stuff! :o) and the availability of fresh water right close by...

... and then season it all with this bein' off season so the places are purty near empty, and the cost, for the most part has been below what I've got budgeted for our "parking" expenses... and I just can't raise the motivation to go hunt up a FREE camp.

Hell, FREE, ain't what I'm about anyhoo... If I gotta pay a few bucks for a camp, so be it. I'm not about to get myself all tied up in knots... 'cause I ain't got a FREE camp... If one comes along, without me having to have some sort of a fit, to find it, great... but... if I gotta jump through hoops and scramble over rocks and such... just so I can squeal; "Hey! I got a gol' dang Free camp!... and all I did was spend $68 in diesel to find it!"

That just ain't worth the bother.

My motivation is just plenty of room in Far Country.

Packed in, awning to slide, with the neighbors water heater roarding to life, 9 feet away at 2 in the morning... IS NOT... the plenty of room I'm talkin' 'bout... so I, so rarely it's an aberration, use a commercial RV park.

Now... in the camps we've been using the past three weeks... the space we've had... has been more like a hundred feet... if there was anyone even in the other site... which... this time of year, they've mostly been empty... :o) Many times, the camps are even wider spaced...

and, When the cost to us, to use these camps is $4.25 or $5 bucks a day (with an ACCESS or PASSPORT card)... it ain't worth argufyin' about it!

Now, tonight, we're in a BLM camp just south of MOAB... Cost? six bucks. Far view to the west... far view to the East... and the closest neighbor is oh... maybe three hundred feet...

I think we're gonna move to a camp, back by the Canyonlands park, that we'll likely hold for 6 or 7 days... at the same price. No hookups, tucked into a shallow rock canyon east of the National Park...  in open country, so it's boondockin' to me...

What's the point of all this?

RV Boondocking is to get out somewhere... so you can... Just breathe!

The whole Idea is to chill out! NOT come up with some new twists and stresses to knot your guts back up with; to replace those that you've been workin' so hard to untie! When there's a camp that'll work... use it! If it's Free... Great!... if you have to pay a few bucks... pay 'em! Where else can you "Pay the rent" for $180 bucks a month? :o) Just don't get yourself all tied up in knots, worryin' 'bout whether you're Boondocking
RIGHT... or not...

You can tell the Right of it or not... by lookin' in the mirror to see if a grin has replaced the grimace... or if you're into technology... run on down to Walgreens and by yourself one of those fancy blood pressure monitor gizmos... if the pressure is droppin'... you're doin' it right! :o)

Yondering Somewhere in The West!

*On the approach to Canyonlands National Park*

*A trail in Hovenweep*
*Through Lush Canyon Bottoms searching for a Boondock site*

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Anonymous said...

Just had to tell you what a hilarious way you defined the 'boondocking' term today. I see you really put some serious thought into it and it came out as a fine piece that really was as funny, as informative! LOL
Cindy K.

gumo said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Well done.

I notice that I appreciate boondocking the most is the first night AFTER I have had a few nights in a commercial campground....that is pure bliss.