Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Fresh Camp Along the Grande Ronde River...

Finally got clear of the infernal Interstate... turning west up Oregon 244... and back into the quiet of the National Forest...

Didn't have to go too far to find a nice camp... and this lil' spot... costs us the whole of $2.50 a night! We took a run clear over to Ukiah this afternoon... and though there are several other nice NF Campgrounds... and many, many full scale, park in the woods RV Boondocking sites twixt here and there...

This spot at Bird Track Spring... works out the absolute best for us... even if we do have to pay so much!...

Those spots west... left Verizon "searching for service"... while here at "Home" we've got 3G/five bars!

*Bird Track Spring Campground west of La Grande, Oregon*

Much the same issue for me, as with past camps... that luckily for a lot of Ya'll... ain't the start of an issue.

'cause of my requirement for Net Access... that need 'caused by it being the trail to a goodly amount of the income that'll keep us wandering... I keep looking till I find a spot that'll allow me to get on-line without a agravating amount of hassle and tire rolling...

...and that is a place where I need juuuuust a lil' work... Thing is... I need to chill out... see when I've got a fine camp, right here... and though, as always, there's room for improvement... It IS a fine camp... and things could get a whole lot worse... in a cowboy rushin' hurry!...

...Not to mention, that at the price we're payin'? it puts the rent at 'bout $3.50 below the budget... those few dollars'll add up fast in a thin budget... so count my blessin's where I find 'em.

Though there are some sweet spots over west... and some that have better sun for my solar panels... my need for "Commo"... overpowers those other spots... So... if ya'll don't have that need... and just want that seclusion... look off the forest service roads... west of La Grande, Oregon, off of Oregon 244... and you'll find a sweet selection to choose from... You just won't be able to read my gas... till you come back down! :o)

Yeah... the sun here ain't great... maybe a lil' better than our Durango Camp... only three or four hours of GOOD sun... so... to save the battery power, I'm settin' in the truck... Blog powered by Cummins!

The first few weeks of this trip have shown the High Value, of a back up generator to juice up the Solar Battery Bank... I'm gonna have to squeeze on that budget some... to fit in a lil' 1000 or 2000 Honda I'm thinkin'. That way... I'd not have to think twice 'bout settin' up housekeeping in any of these fine camps.

Maybe I'll get lucky an' the folks that like good westerns in the Ebook style will tell all their "western reading friends" ' bout the benefits of Kindle... and how they know a Fine story to be the first one to load on that brand spankin' new e-reader!... Mine! :o) ... and then... squeezing that Honda Generator into the budget won't be no problem to speak of!

Along the Banks of the Grande Ronde River

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Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

While you are near La Grande you can run over and see how the Arctic Fox trailers are built for winter use up in the high country. I love the way mine laughs at winter weather down into the single digits.

Sharlotte said...

I love your spots you find to boondock. all the pics are beautiful. Can't wait for others. Settle down and relax and recover from your interstate episodes.

Anonymous said...

Moab to LaGrande, 750 miles, 3 days. Wow! Lots of fuel. Not sure why you are in such a hurry?