Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goin' Too Fast? ... or Just Right?

 I don't know that I know for sure.

"Anon" asked what's the rush? Why'd we roll from Moab to La Grande so quick? Considering a lot of what I've written... to stop an' smell the roses and NOT be in a rush... A fair question. I'm not real sure there's an answer a lot of folks will like though!

Sometimes, much of the time... My pleasure is to sit and look... or just meander along... pokin' around here and there... Turnin' left when the crowd runs right. Other times... the gypsy itch is hard to soothe, and I pick 'em up and put 'em down, coverin' some country in the process...

Kind of like a herd of Elk that have been known to run twenty miles when they got spooked... Maybe that I-84 Spooked me? :o) and pushed me to get past it?

Then... there is the season... Pushin' November and we go and choose to turn our circle North, up against the advancing winter beast... Almost thumbing our noses at him... Can't dawdle too long... or those winter winds'll catch up.


... Not This winter ya bugger! Ya don't get to freeze my kiester, and my Bike... This... winter! They'll be warmin' up down on the southern desert!

Three days travel to here... we'll be here three nights, and days, along the Grande Ronde River... and then, a slow meander down the Columbia River gorge to the coast.

... and then, part of me had been held static for so long, fightin' to get loose...that it's simply takin' a while, maybe even longer than, I , expected... to wear off the Edge, and the pent up wanderlust of my urge to drift.

I think you'll see me slowin' down some... but hey... it's taken nigh on to a month... to get from Denver to here... so, it ain't All been rushin' an' movin'! :o)

and one last thing... I'm hesitant to speak of... That country From North of Moab and across Southern Idaho... well... it's dry. Now, I was grown up in the desert of Southern Arizona... so, I know desert... but there's something in that open, dry, North Utah/South Idaho Desert that we came through... that just doesn't sing to this Ol' buster.

I don't like to put down anyone's home country, and I'll not do that here... There's quite a few folks who live in that area, so something is there that holds 'em... it just don't speak to me... so I rolled through it quick... and tucked back into these Oregon Pines.

When you stop and really look at what I've written, ain't that the foundation of it? Go with your gut... Follow your heart. Do what's right... right now. Don't get frozen into a line of travel... or anything else, simply 'cause you started out that way. If the trail changes... adjust to it.

When you put on weight, you buy bigger jeans... If you set out to go south... but something turns you North... stop in at Wal Mart and buy yourself a hoodie... and just keep on rollin'!

Now I'm not talkin' ethics here...those have got to pretty near be rigid. They're not something you can allow to change with the wind... but Livin'! is a tee total different deal.

As you wander and see more of the world around you... your heart and soul, if you're awake... can't help but get stretched some. You see how others live... how poor some are, how their ways of doin' the tasks of livin' are so different than you own... even right here in the same country.

It would seem to me that if you come back from a long trip, through new country, the same person you were when you left... you must have been asleep most of the time!

So... why did I roll so fast the last few days? Not really sure... and to tell the truth... I'm not really carin'. I just moved when the spirit said Roll and stopped when the spirit said; Hold up Cowboy.

I'm here. I've got a lot of road in front of me... plenty of stories yet to write... and so, I'll just get on about doin' that.

Just a Driftin' Cowboy...

Searching for Soft Winds and Sunny Slopes

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Whatsnewell said... worries here......I like your style of travel. Don't want to stay anywhere long enough to sink any roots too deep. You will love the Oregon Coast, and for that matter the California Coast. Safe travels...

Sharlotte said...

Well Brian, I am very interested in your travels into Oregon and the Coast. Am going to be checking for your reports on the camping areas. Do any of the areas you stop at have electricity?? I carry my water, but would like to be able to see so I can read your book on my Nook. LOL Jim and I are planning a BIG trip up that way in the spring and early summer of 2011 to spend some time with that daughter who lives in Bonney Lake, WA. I would like to go to the Olympic area and the Mt. Rainier area too.

Don said...

The speed of travel is always a variable IMO. Sometimes we want to get somewhere; sometimes it doesn't matter. Skipping out of lousy weather makes us move faster I must say! Spent a week on the Oregon coast in July and didn't see 70F. Great place but darned chilly!

Box Canyon Blogger said...

I get what you're saying and doing... been there, and I wanna go back there. Things will slow down gradually in time. Hey, enjoy the ride, that's what's important.