Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Dunes National Park

77.1 miles day one... 89.7 miles day two... 161.3 miles day three... and today NO miles! :o) we just may get into the proper rhythm.

We're settled in a spot in Great Dunes National Park, the weather's fine... and we don't have to be... anywhere...

Mesa Verde's been there for a couple thousand years... I'm fairly certain it'll be there when we get there, so we're just gonna sit for a couple nights... and S-l-o-w down the meter a mite. Take some time and do some house keeping... and just lookin'.

All the years we've lived in Colorado, and we never, not one time, came here. Funny, how you get to thinkin' that you're only takin' a proper trip if you cross a state border or three!

Giant size sand pile. I don't want to rain on anybody's parade... and this is still, to me a pretty place... how-some-ever... I'd have to say that the White Sands in New Mexico is more photogenic... or at least, easier for a picture taker like me to get Good pictures.

Last evening, we took a short stroll across the sandy approach to the Dunes... A Stroll?... uh... pushin' 'cross that sand is more like a Work Out!

Along the way I decided I should oughta make my mark on the world...

Funny, there were quite a few folks scattered widely across those sand flats, so it wasn't like you were in a crowded mall or something... but... once They all left near sundown... and Heidi and I were out on the sand, almost alone... the Quiet was Amazing. You don't realize how much noise people make... or how far it can carry... until they get gone... even when they're bein' quiet! :o) Hmmm... I'll have to remember that! :o)

***Can you spot these the Next Picture?***
 That lil' Nikon S8000 is a pretty awesome lil' camera! Even when it's been repaired! :o)

Warm during the day... this desert country cools down quick once that sun sets... and it Felt good to wake up this morning, with the Dunes out the window... that cool quiet of a High Desert morning... and knowin' we're where we're gonna be... till we decide to move. :o)

Been "On the Road" just three days... and at least that many fellers have felt the need to wonder 'bout how I get those Bikes down off the Rig. :o) one had to even wait around the truck till we walked back to it last evening. Kinda Fun.

Wandering the Great and Glorious West

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1 comment:

gumo said...

My blood pressure must have dropped 30 points reading your entry today because it sounds so peaceful and quiet there. I think this is much what you are looking for in your new travels and I am glad you took extra time to "savor the flavor."

Great photos, too.