Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thinkin' an' Dreamin' Along the Clearwater River in Idaho

I camped last night in a BLM campground, east of Lewiston, Idaho, on the bank of the Clearwater River. A nice camp... and for me (Golden Access) just five bucks! You just can't beat that. I'll be riding toward Lolo pass today...

A gorgeous, sunny morning... the sound of the river just below me, a cup of hot coffee... Bob Seeger singin' to me on my Ipod... Shining Times folks! ... It'll be hard to leave the absolute joy of these past few days... to go back to the Real World... even if my Real is still pretty fine.

...But, the pure Freedom I've had these past few weeks... is a Soul Feeding Joy. Whether you gain it on the Alaskan Highway... or wanderin' the Sonoran Desert in Arizona... Everyone should hunt up the opportunity to know what it feels like to be FREE!

You do that... you find it that One Time... and the rest of your life will be spent workin' to build your whole life around living each and every precious day, in the Shining Times of that indescribable Joy! FREEDOM! HooYa!

Well kids... I gotta get camp packed up and loaded. Miles to go to find my camp for tonight...

This trip is winding down... just  three or four days of it left. Then I've got some work to get done to have us ready to hitch up the Eagle... and head out on That Journey. :o)

I'll be back posting regularly... here on my GRVB blog in the next week... I expect I've got many more tales to spin!

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Terria said...

What a beautiful post! It shines with joy and love for life. It also inspired me to get busy on my own plans for living free. Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

Remember to jump on the key board when things start rolling in the head of this trip...Look forward in hearing alot more about what the senses took in!? BiLL