Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alaska Information... for Thinkin' an Dreamin'...

Hey Folks, I've found a couple sites that'll lay out some info that'd be helpfull... when you get to wanderin' and Boondocking around up here in the Great North...

The first has all the State of Alaska camps laid out on a map... with descriptions and sizes etc... and the second is a site that has distances and more importantly, Alaska Travel Times. Truth is... how long it's gonna take is more important than how far it is.

... and the last thing I'll say on this lil' post is clothing... It's early August here in the Great North... and today... I'm gonna put on my fleece long handles... it's wet... and pretty cool as a result...

When you're picking out your gear for your trip up this way... make for sure and for certain, you're packing Good Rain Gear, boots or shoes that keep your feet DRY... and clothes you can layer and keep yourself protected, whatever the weather.

Makes no sense to me... to come all this way... and then be miserable 'cause you're tryin' to impress everyone with how tough you are... forget that! ... put on the long johns if you're cold... put on the rain gear... and enjoy in spite of the weather.

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