Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ride is Done... and Now There's RV Boondocking Fish to Fry!

Got home last night... This morning my head is spinning a bit with all the chores I've got to get done in a rushin' hurry.

Heidi's been busy movin' the store location, a couple of doors down, while I was gone... and gettin' things ready with it for us to pull out in a couple weeks...

I've got work to do on the truck... overheating causes to find and fix, odds and ends to tie up... Book publishing labors to get done... so we can sustain our wandering... and a whole, heavy pack of other jobs...

... along with an article or two I need to write about observations this Ol' buster made, rolling his Motorcycle along the Alaskan Highway for the last 25 days.

Things didn't work out, on this run, quite the way I'd planned... but they worked out fine, just the same. Pretty much how life goes most of the time, ain't it?

There were unexpected friendships found, and unavoidable bad weather to adjust plans to... all in all, a wondrous, fine month on the Open Road.

... and's back to Work for me!... for a bit! :o)

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Freely Living Life said...

Mmmm... The title of your blog post made me have a craving for a fish fry out in the boondocks. Good (nutritious) food, peace and quiet, fresh air and wide open spaces! Oh man you can tell we have hitch itch pretty badly right about now. It's coming..... :)

The Freely Living Life Family