Thursday, August 26, 2010

If I Ever Have Anything, RVing or just General Life... Work Out the Way It Was Planned...

I think I'll be in danger of some sort of a seizure! ... but that Murphy fella bein' who he is... I'm not real fearful of suffering any seizures in the near future...

Started setting up an appointment with my Welder Pro yesterday morning... to do some frame work on the Eagle... to allow me to carry the Raider in the Motorcycle Carrier I built back there, a couple years ago, for the V Star...

No worries... Right?... Uh... WRONG! :o)

Sheesh... That Ol' Lovely, Red Headed, Yamaha Two Wheeler, that carried me to Alaska in such style... is a bigger Gal than I thought!... Her front end :o) ... is 'bout a 1/2" too wide to squeeze into the Wheel Dock tire chock... and her back end :o) ... is 'bout an inch too wide to fit into the tire track!...

That never even crossed my feeble mind... bummer!

So... to make it all work is gonna take more $$$ than exists in the budget just now... especially after the cooling system work I had to do on the truck the other day.

Which leaves me in a bit of a sad place... We're leaving... again... in the next week or so... still don't really know which direction... how-some-ever, we are Going! ... the sad place comes in to the picture, 'cause... it looks like I'm gonna have to leave Red parked in my Daughters... or is that my Son-in-Laws? garage for a lil' bit... 'till I can work out her accommodations on the rig.

Maybe... We should do like the Box Canyon Bloggers! did and run two drivers? Rather than tryin' to teach Heidi to Ride a Motorcycle maybe I should teach her to stir the gearbox of that Dodge... with the fiver on behind when we move... while I ride "Outrider" on the Bike! :o) ... hmmm... it was Bobbie ridin' "Outrider" for them... wasn't it? :o)

...or Maybe I just need to start investing in lottery scratch tickets? :o)

Aw well... as in all things... when you're not sure what to do 'bout something... best to just go on down the road... and let things simmer... until the answer comes to you...

Looking Toward the Horizon..

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Sharlotte said...

Or you could be like some folks that I have seen and buy both motorcycles their own trailer, hitch it up behind the 5er and go on your merry way. Of course, only go in one direction unless you like hitching and unhitching a small trailer. LOL
Have confidence you will figure it out. After all, you will be hauling Heidi's bike, and if you sweet talk her, I am sure she will let you ride it and even drive with her riding shotgun for the short little excursions you are gonna take.
Whatever you decide, be safe. Looking forward to more pics as you ride down the road.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that is what we will be doing. Wes in the truck towing the fifth wheel and me driving along in the little Jeep:) Sure don't know how that will work, since he CAN'T navigate - and he sure doesn't like me hollering at him over the radio:) Hopefully we will still be married when we arrive at our destination:)

You all travel safe and have a great time. Will follow your blog:)


Box Canyon Blogger said...

Hey, I think you hit it on the head when you said let Ms Heidi drive the rig. Why not? She already knows how to drive better that you ;-) What's to teach? When you get to a camp site just park ole Red and you can back the Fiver into place... or can she back better than you... withstand all the pressure of fellow campers coming out for their evenings entertainment to watch the "new guy" try to follow hand signals from someone of a different sexed brain... one that doesn't make a bit of sense to the other.
Seriously, I bet she can handle that pressure better that you cause women don't have egos like us men. In fact, all the men in the camp would come rushing to her "rescue" if you just parked on ole Red out of sight for about five minutes... including sliding out the slides, hooking up the sewer and power... all you'd have to do is walk in and sit down.
Problem solved.
PS, thanks for the link up!!! I'll catch you later...