Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Repairs, Routines and Prison Breaks...

The cooling system repairs to the truck... would likely have been unnecessary... had the previous owner done proper, routine maintenance... such as simply flush the dang radiator once in a while...

Kind of a hard thing to spot though. You can't see much but green coolant when you pull the cap and look in... can't see the internal piping all junked up...

... and why didn't the overheating happen till the run to Ouray?... 'cause the fuel pump was broke! :o) ... which pumped less fuel... which = less engine performance and less heat... So... you fix the pump, the engine starts running Right... and then... the Radiator finds out it can't keep up!

So... I guess the solution to overheating diesels is... Don't fix your fuel pumps! :o)

Then, just to keep things fun... coming back from Ouray, I also had had to put in some steering fluid... though no leaks were found... then... when I dropped the rig off to get the cooling system work done... THERE was the leak!

Oh thanks! I wondered where you were... I had an extra few hundred bucks layin' 'round I just really wanted to invest in a new Hydrobooster! :o)

We have to hang close 'round here till something like the 5th of September... Something 'bout my Granddaughters first birthday... then we're pulling out... and at this point, we've no solid idea of which way we're pulling.

Which is the way I prefer to wander... Just put my Nose into the Wind, and stay behind it!

North or West seem the likeliest. Still pretty warm to the south... We'll not be going very far... or very fast... I am determined to shake the "Movin' on Syndrome" that pushes a gypsy to go too far... too fast.

It's like there are demons chasing me sometimes that must be outrun. Been kinda difficult this past week. After straddling that motorcycle for a month... every day splitting the wind... every day a new road, new visions, new people... Every day the Freedom to live without someone claiming rights to the blood in my veins... It becomes a Way of Going that is a pure and proper joy, to a Natural Born, Gypsy Cowboy Biker.

... A Joy for which there are no words that can be strung together which will allow a person who does not Get It... to understand the inner workings of a Gypsy.

I got "Into" that routine. I was LIVING in it. I was Comfortable in it. I Treasured it.

Now... back here, though I've plenty that I should be doing... my eyes are on the Horizon... my Heart is in the Wind... What I see of Value... is Out There calling to me from the Open Road... and this life, here in obedient, civilized, servitude, that so many try to tell me is what I should trust my future to and invest the remains of my life in...

...is seen by me to resemble a Prison Sentence...

All my thoughts revolve around working out the means of our permanent escape... and seeing how many others can be "Saved" along with us. :o)

Out There... lies Far Country, as yet unseen trails... and the dust of Shining Times, that feeds the hunger in the soul of a Man, Born to Wander.

Gritting My Teeth, Bowing My Head... and Riding Into the Wind!

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