Monday, August 23, 2010

Work on the Truck and Work on My Bookstore!

So... my wish that the dent in our wallet, made by our RV Tow vehicle/truck repairs wouldn't be too big, was pretty much ignored... BOING! so now the "Good Deal" I made for that Ol' Diesel... is down to just being a "fair" deal. :o) I have confidence I can still attain a; "What the hell were you thinkin' Cowboy?" status on the purchase of that rig. :o)

Oh well... Pay big bucks to buy a new one... or pay the same thing... over a longer time... to keep an Old one running... right? :o)

On a more cheerful note... for this Ol' word butcher anyhoo... I've got a lot done on rebuilding my RV Bookstore. Got the tuneup done that Smashwords ( the folks doing the ebook magic for me) asked me to do on the formatting of my lil' ebooks... at least they've not told me I did that wrong again... yet!

I'm hopeful I'll get the work done to add my first "Western Novel" to the Bookstore by the end of September... I'm looking forward... with a good bit of apprehension to that day! :o)

Getting caught up on some of my chores... trying to decide if the Big Red Bike will go with us on this first circle we'll be leaving on shortly... or if she's going to have to wait a mite somewhere, for additional motorcycle carrier/frame modifications to the rig... 

Today looks like the Alaskan rains figured out where I went, and are working to catch up... but Ha!... I'm dry and inside! let those storms thunder and roll! Ya Can't touch me now! I've got plenty of work to do right here at the keyboard... and plenty of coffee to keep me wired up to do it... so rain away! :o)

Preparing for another Circle out into the Great and Glorious West

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about you Brian but over time the rains have brought a whole new life that comes with it. (most don't notice) When you are really connected it seems you can see a bright future. BiLL I don't usually do p.s...I will say though remember your little diesel is a tractor...can sit along time and take your home into town..Have a good night.

Anonymous said...

At least tell us what you had to have repaired to prevent the truck from overheating! Maybe something we can watch out for when shopping for our own tow vehicle