Friday, July 2, 2010

Picked up the Raider and Took Heidi and the Red Head Up MT. Evans

Since we were already way over in Lakewood, seemed like a good idea to climb on the Raider, and test out the new custom Motorcycle seat...

So we got some fuel quick and rolled out I-70 through a couple spurts of rain... to turn off and head up the mountain...

Traffic up there was about medium I guess... being the middle of the week probably helped. There was actually more parking once we got all the way to the top... then the last time we rolled up... 'course, we were in Lil' Red that trip... and this two wheeler don't take near as much room to park. :o)

Heidi snapped a pic or two on the way up...

... and I got a couple at the top...

 I gotta tell you... some bozo was tryin' to Pet one of the furry lil' goat Kids... What an Idiot... When Momma is standin' right there... and she's got these daggers on her head... Who can think that tryin' to get friendly with her youngin'... is a good idea? sheesh!

Well... Other than one pic of a grumpy ol' geezer Heidi thought was cute... and wanted to torment ya'll with...

That was pretty much the end of the picture takin' for the New Nikon S8000 camera... shortly after this pic was taken... just as we got back down to the Echo Lake Lodge for lunch... an Event occurred... with that new camera bein' left pretty much useless junk...

Heidi's already got it in to a repair shop... and they claim "Good as New" in two weeks or so... so we'll see...

Needless to say... the ride down out of the mountains was... uh... not as good as goin' up! :o)

But today I got my saddle bags mounted... on either side of those two custom motorcycle seats... as you can see in the pic above (taken with the old BIG camera) so we're keep maintaining our three steps for'ard... two steps back routine!

A lil' "Thing" is occurring with our lil' store as well... landlord says we've got to move... so we're looking at the space he wants us to occupy today... so I have got to get movin'!

Take Good Care

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