Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Denver Run...

Heading off in a short for Denver... again... to pick up my Raider at the Seat Shop... We're thinkin' of riding up Mt. Evans for the afternoon... then I gotta get the bike home to work on getting the Saddlebags installed.

Ouray and Alaska are comin' on!

Three days left at the day job... feelin' kinda spooked to tell the truth... but... steppin' out of your "Comfort Zone" is the only way you can Ever change how things ARE... and have any hope of pushin' 'em to where you want 'em to be.

I maybe don't have any sense... but I've always had a pretty good ability to do things that scared me! :o) ... till the last few years anyway...

Gotta quit that complacent baloney... sittin' still and doin' the same ol' obedient crap I've always been told to do... and have always fought... will kill a man.

You have to chase down that "Drummer" fella... and make him pound away to YOUR tune! ;o)

So... we'll find out soon enough how this story plays out... likely some combination of Shining Times and Starvation...

Hopefully... the Shining Times will provide enough Beans... so I can endure the Starvation when it comes! :o)

Take Good Care

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