Friday, June 18, 2010

How Much ... UH... Useless Junk!... Do You Carry in Your RV?

The stuff can creep up on you. A piece tucked here, another stuffed there... then one day you wake up, and every nook, cranny, closet, an' storage compartment in the Fifth Wheel, is cluttered with crap and corruption ya never, ever, use!

Our situation was compounded by our move out of the house in a rushin' hurry! :o) As we were packin' up in February, we fell into the trap of; "Put it in the rig... We'll deal with it later." ... Only... "Later"... often is really, really, later! or it don't ever come at all!

... anyhoo... we've been living amongst that 'clutter' for too long... and while the weather hasn't co-operated either, snowing or raining ever' time we had a bit of time to do some RV Housekeeping... our biggest obstruction has been... Procrastination!...

... then... that "Compounding" was twisted even tighter, by the fact, that we we're right in the middle of an RV Remodel... which is where we remain :o) ... Living in a House, while you remodel is tough... doin' that in an RV is even tougher... So if you're anticipating it... My advice is... Complete your RV Remodel... BEFORE you're living in it! :o)

I digress... surprised huh?... Well, That Later, is Now! :o) We started a push yesterday, to cull the junk that got mistakenly held on to. Simple fact is, it don't matter if it's "Good"... or ... "I might could use it... Someday."... There just ain' Room, even in Froggy Donnas' Triple axle Mobile Mansion! :o)

... and kids? ... OUR rig? A mansion it ain't! We like it... It works, pretty good, for us... But it's Redneck Regular  and space is at its' usual, RV Premium... plus, we have visions of getting even smaller!

So... clothes are getting 'distilled'... this and that compacted, consolidated and discarded... pieces and parts are getting reorganized to store and use, more efficiently...

I even reworked my leather stamps into a case, a touch over 1/2 the size of the wooden case I'd built a few years ago. (and am working on distilling all my leather tools down to a very compact "Tooling and Stitching" set that I'll take on the road)

This bit of RV Housecleaning is something ever'body needs to do, ever' once in a while I'm thinking. Like I said, the stuff can just creep up on you, when ya'll ain't lookin'... and one day you wake up in a crappola jungle!

So... Do some heavy duty RV Housekeeping! reduce the stresses and clutter... cull out the precious treasures... you ain't used in months... and will likely, Not use, in the foreseeable future...

It'll give you a mite more room to breathe!

Take Good Care

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1 comment:

Terria said...

I think everyone needs to declutter, even those who live in big houses. We all have too much stuff cluttering our lives. Everytime I get rid of useless (to me) stuff, I feel lighter.