Monday, June 21, 2010

Movin' on Toward "The Leaving"

Hey! I Found the Bottom of that Front Compartment! :o)

It was probably the most abused in the 'bailout' a few months ago... if I didn't know where to put it... that's where it got stuffed. :o)

So now... that's got the 'camp' gear in it, that's supposed to be there... chairs and grill, a few odds and ends... along with a few 'maintenance' tools/materials... and nothing much else... in the process, came up with a full tote of stuff that don't even need to be on the rig at all...

I don't suppose that 30 lbs or so, taken off the rig is gonna save the world... but... it won't hurt!

Now's the time I'm startin' in on the second guessin'... Been so long in the makin'... and so many obstacles, some of which have been defeated, but not all!... it shakes a fellas confidence juuuust a mite... :o) The only thing I can say is... one way or t'other... here in about three weeks... we're pullin' up our tent pegs... and rollin' west!

I Guess we'll just have to overcome, what ever comes along... as it comes... 'cause I'm ready for goin'!

Only two more weeks of pushin' plumbing parts at the Hardware Store... that's kinda spooky... and most folks would say "You're Nuts!"... to be walkin' away from a 'job' in These Times... but... know what? I think it's Times like These... that are the Whole Damn Reason!... to walk away from it...

I mean... if wastin' away a life... at such Doin's, is all there is... well... just hit me with a shovel and hide my carcass under a rock! ... I'm just not willin' to drag that iron ball any more... I know sometimes you have to do... what you have to do... but unless there's an awful bright lite at the end of the tunnel... I'm likely to just go on around that hole!

I've tried the "waiting game"... and it might fit other folks... but it just makes my teeth hurt. So...scared wiggly or not... we'll soon be packin' what lil' we've culled down to...and rollin' off to see what awaits...

The thing is... the only way Things change is if you change 'em!... Waitin' an' Wishin' don't Haul the Freight... leastways... it ain't got it done for me... Soooo... I'm bound to change things up...

I'm sure some of it's gonna be "Aw... #$@!!!"... but I'm also pretty sure the most of it will be... "Deep Breath of Freedom... Oh Lordy! Have you ever seen a prettier Sunrise?!"...

All I gotta do is tough it out through the "Aw... 3$@!!!'S"... till one of the "Oh Lordy's" comes along!

Well... that's enough gas for today... should go get ready to go sell the last few of those plumbing parts I'll be hawking! :o)

Take Good Care

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Marlan at RV52 said...

Brian - your post reminds me that Morgan Freeman line in the Shawshank Redemption - "Get busy living or get busy dyin". Looks like you are picking "get busy living". Good luck.

Box Canyon Blogger said...

You are on the cusp of freedom. I've been there three times and felt your butterflies. It is a sweet, sweet feeling that is hard to put into words for "grounded" folks, folks who either don't see spitting in the face of employment as a choice, or are one of the lucky few that are content with a "grove" that you and I deem a "rut". Some people just dance to a different beat... one that most others thinks queer, dangerous or just plain stupid. But Columbus didn't sail off the edge of a flat earth like the "rutters" claimed he would. No, he discovered a new continent and cultures, and riches beyond measure in dollars and cents.

You will find employment on the road if and when you need to. I've come back to job spasms between jaunts of freedom and the only thing that gets me through, is the dream of taking off again. I'm so looking forward to following your blog as you follow the setting sun... till you hit the big blue pacific and must decide by whim or coin flip whether to go right or left.
Those are the kinds of decisions that lightens a mans step.

Brian said...


Thank You!... I needed that lil' boost! the 'butterflies' have my nether parts blowin' kisses at the world! :o)

It can be a piece of work to saw through those chains... they seem to get thicker the longer you let 'em stay in place...

... but... I'm as stubborn - or stupid - as they are thick... so it should make some noise!