Monday, May 17, 2010

Pick up the Truck from Its' Repairs This Morning

We'll go by and pick up the '99 this morning. It was gettin' a new lift pump, do some work on adjusting the top end, and with 24 valves up there... I guess there's plenty to adjust... and I had a fuel pressure warning light added.

That'll come on if the fuel pressure to the injector pump ever drops below 6 lbs. ... Hopefully, allowing me to back out of the throttle, and avoid injector pump damage...

I'm pretty sure this work will deal with the lack of power under load we found on the way to Denver a couple weeks ago... and... with a mite of luck, doing the maintenance on the valve train will also add some power back, as well as have a good affect on the fuel economy, which I've seen as unusually thirsty, on this truck.

... and then... later in the week... Like Thursday Morning, Heidi and I are planning to take off for a couple of days... Climb on that Raider Motorcycle and roll through the Rockies to Celebrate our 31st Anniversary... which, considering all the events of the past year... and past few... is pretty remarkable...

It looks like the weather is going to cooperate... keepin' my fingers crossed... at least that Raider is quick enough to outrun the Storms! :o)

hmmm... I forgot all about that... I didn't mention the "Storms" 'round here the other day... did I? ... guess I only done that on that Facebook stuff...

Well... here's what that's about...

There was I think, five, Funnels like this lil' one, over about 30 minutes... one of which (and I missed the pic... my battery died!) just about hit the ground... all southwest of us... and aimed... right straight... at my nose!

But the good looking one, the one I believe did hit the ground... was this guy... the "Big One"... 'bout a half mile north of the rig...

Kind of fun huh? :o)

So... whad-a-ya-do? ... they say... "get in the tub in the bathroom"... somehow... I just don't think that's gonna do me any real good... in a Fifth Wheel! :o) ... so I just stood on the porch of our 'Landlords' modular... and took some pictures... at least folks'd be able to know what happened to the goofy Ol' Biker Cowboy... at least if they could find the camera! :o)

Take Good Care

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Anonymous said...

Them tornados came to Oklahoma and did hit the ground doing plenty of damage couple miles from me. Plenty of rain and yesterday, big hail storm went through!!! ===Fred===

KarenInTheWoods said...

Wow.. those look downright scary!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard