Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Road Friends" can sometimes be...

...Kind of an Odd Sensation.

A couple of days ago, "Froggi" Donna sent me a note, wondering what our schedule would be... as they'd be rollin' by... and had a desire to "meet up"...

So... last night, soon as I got free from the Hardware Store... I rolled back to the fiver... Heidi got geared up, and we climbed on that Red Raider, and rolled down to the Wal Mart in Timnath... to meet up with Froggi and Stu... of 2 Taking a 5th.

Since they were only making a stop for the night, their bikes were loaded up and tied down in the back of that big Ol' Escalade  fiver of theirs, so we just strolled 'cross the parking lot to the "Subway" in Wally World and sat for an hour or so... makin' acquaintance.

... and that's when the "Kind of an Odd Sensation" struck me...

Here we were, Heidi an' me... talkin' with Donna an' Stu... and it was like we were havin' a conversation with Old Friends... That we'd never met before! :o) ... kinda strange... and pretty awesome!

The folks there at Subway, apparently have families they wanted to get home to... and we finally got the message... when they went to rattlin' the gates, and started lockin' us in! :o) ... so we strolled back over for a quick tour of their rig... and a couple more hours of jawin'.

Heidi finally got through to me that it was "Time that maybe we should get goin'"... Uh... Froggi an' Stu... got an up close an' personal demonstration of my ability to polish the blarney stone! ... :o)

Heidi took the obligatory pic... I'm gonna have to remember to carry a dang tripod!... for all the laughin goin' on... don't know why I look like such a grump!... must be tryin' to keep up my "Image" I guess :o)

Hopin' they hadn't been wantin' to hit the rack early! I wonder if their ears are still sore this morning?

... I happened to glance down at the lil' clock in the speedo of that Fancy red Machine on the 30 mile ride home... and that sucker claimed it was 11:30! :o)

Lots of laughs and good stories, and a really fine night... but, I'll let Stu tell ya'll 'bout the "Thong"... :o)

hmmm... just what the "RV world" is... or should be, all about... and what this Ol' globe could use a good bit more of these days... I know I can!

Take Good Care

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KarenInTheWoods said...

Isn't that just wonderful to meet up like that?

We did that a while back with a couple whom we been in contact for 2 years on almost a daily basis. It was like "Best Friends Who Never Met Yet"

We had them hide out in our rural driveway over a busy holiday weekend when the local campgrounds were nuts with fireworks and noise. They appreciated the peace and quiet and their dogs were happy to roam our woods and play in our river.

If you or any of your blog readers are ever up in the Wisconsin Northwoods, give us a shout!

Karen and Steve~
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Donna McNicol said...

It was SOOOO great to meet you both...we could have talked all night I think. LOL! No, we didn't need to get to bed....in fact I slept till almost 10 this morning. Look forward to meeting up and the road and all four of us getting in some time in the wind!

Brian said...

Many Thanks Karen! and Yes Ma'am Froggi! That -IS- the plan! :o)

Sharlotte said...

Now that is what it is all about. Even though I have never meet you or Heidi, I somehow feel as if we are friends. One day, I hope to send you a note and tell you we are gonna be close and would love to meet up with the both of you. Maybe when we go to see that daughter, or maybe you will come down "south" to winter. Who knows ? But you check for that message because one day it is gonna be there. And I expect to see that shiny new motorcycle or that Eagle at the end of the journey. We are on the last leg of our trip to Ohio. So far have logged 2451 miles, which is 250 shy of one way to see that daughter!!!!! Lordie mercy, have pity on me. Been on the road since April 30. Bright spot--logged in 25 lifers, 20 of them warblers I have never seen before. What a sweet feeling!!!! Loved it !!
Have a great day.

Brian said...

I'll be watchin' Sharlotte! Winter has wore out its welcome with us... we'll not winter another year north of 60 degrees!:o)

Trent and Teresa said...

Hi Brian

We are anxious to meet Donna and Stu as well, because we were lucky enough to buy Donna's rig last year ( the LilyPad )in Colorado Springs. Sadly, Donna couldn't be there when we picked her up, but I want to thank her in person, because Donna left everything for us including the kitchen sink....ha ha.
Our rig is outfitted for boondocking, so I know one day we will bump into you and Heidi, on the road, and enjoying life !!
Take care, Trent

Brian said...

Trent and Teresa; Lordy... gettin' to be a whole dang Family, ain't it! :o) Pretty dang awesome!