Saturday, May 15, 2010

Workamping... Workers on Wheels... Making Ends Meet... and Even a Lil' Beadwork!

Well... progress toward rehabilitating our whupped up on finances... is either goin' real slow... or it ain't movin' at all! :o) ... I tried to draw a chalk line 'round it a few days ago... so I could see... but the rain an' snow has done washed that away...

Aw well... what's new huh?

The truck has been in the shop for a couple days... diagnosing the lack of power under load that became apparent when we hauled to the Agility Trial in Jefferson County... and they found what appears to have been the problem... another dang Fuel Pump...

I swear, I must put out some sort of a "Vibe"... that Eats Diesel engine fuel pumps! ... this makes number 5 on three trucks... 'course... two of the rigs had a lil' age on 'em... and the '06 never lost one... but still ... if the dang rigs didn't pull like a train... I think I'd go back to horses!

So... with another dent in our piggy bank... we're looking into how we'll ride out the winter... once we ride out of here! ... (which is planned for not that awful far into the summer)

... We've pretty much agreed that though the website income is steadily and slowly growing, and Heid's Bead Store continues to roll along... there's still a "Hole" in the piggy bank that needs pluggin'... so we'll hunt up a Winter Camp... where we can add to the pot... and live a good life at the same time...

Started puttin' out "Feelers" to that end... we should have plenty of time... it's quite a while till October or November! :o) ... something fun and not "just another grindstone", is the goal... leave it to a beggar to be picky, right? :o)

And Now... a minute for a lil' blatant commercialism! :o) ... Girls! are you a Bead-a-holic? Check out the Free Bead Projects Keriann (our daughter and one of our Top Design Wizards) has put on the Bead Cache site! ... especially the newest one, the "Rocker Chic Necklace"... I believe it's designed by Dawn... and the website work was done by Keriann... it may be a bit of "Commercialism"... but, at a price of  $$FREE$$... you won't really complain... will you? :o)

Pretty awesome gals we've got in the store Huh!? :o)

They've still got a lot of work to do with the site, and the store, as always :o) ... but if Beadwork is your interest or passion... they've got the skills and knowledge to set you off in the right direction! I'd tell you how many combined years of Beadwork they all have collected in that store... but that's the kind of information that'd likely get me whupped on.

Well... many "Miles to go before I sleep"... so I better get to 'em...

Take Good Care

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So explain to me what is wrong with you putting a PERMANENT ad and links for Heidi's bead shop on this web site? Or any other site you have? Don't have to click if you aren't interested. The more traffic...the bigger chance for a sale...the more change in in you and Heidi's pocket...the more fuel pumps you can buy:) Judy