Thursday, April 1, 2010

Materials lists, Days off, and Writers Block...

Been tallyin' up the material needs for the various projects I've got on the drawing board... that I'm wanting to get done in the next, say 60 days or so... so that... when I've built things to the point my confidence is strong enough... we'll be ready to just Load 'N Go!

Today, as all Thursdays is day one of my days off from the grindstone "day job"... and we're takin' it off. The last several, we've actually worked at other things... and are in danger of that danged 'back sliding' ... so I am by God gonna do nothing significant today! :o) Today is only for relaxin'.

Though, I should do some serious work on some writing projects that have been dormant for a bit... problem is, I've got a touch of writers block. Though, truth be known, I believe that's a bad name for it... 'cause I don't think that it truly exists. In fact, I think writers block is only the excuse folks use, (me included) when they simply don't have the ambition to do the work! :o) ... "Oh, I just can't think of anything to write!"...

Baloney!... You sit your butt down, and just start punchin' buttons... and pretty soon... ya got whole page of words! But... ya gotta be possessed of the ambition to punch those buttons... and today... I'm just feelin' fearful lazy! :o)

My ego is still feelin' pretty sassy though... Checked my stats this morning... and though January was only the second month to bust 10,000 visitors, and February only missed that by a hundred... March was a genuine bell ringer!

12,120 folks came through the door into my "Cowboy Biker, RV Boondocker, Word Butchers' Reading Room!" That is Suh-Wheet! Hoo! Ya!

Things like that tend to stimulate my ambitions just a mite. Let's just hope my Alligator Ambitions don't run my broke down butt off a cliff! :o)

I do have quite a lil' simmerin' along in the works... Recent changes with Amazon means I really should just drop out that "General Store"... Not that I'm too awful mercenary... but... I don't get paid anymore for anything sold through it... Don't see why they should get free advertising...

...and the bookstore is the same deal... Though... I'm planning on reworking that, through a new outfit. I'll be setting it up as an Ebook Store for my own scribblings... with several different formats from PDF to Kindle available... and Likely... I'll make things available through Amazon...

Now, if I can just get that Old Time, western 'Shoot 'em up'  I wrote, properly edited and ready...I'll soon be dunkin' donuts, an' sippin' tea, with all them other Literary Giants! :o)

Ain't that a purty picture... A sweat stained, black felt hat... over muddy, cow flop encrusted boots... sittin' to tea with J.K. Rowling... :o)

Take Good Care

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