Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't Know It It's Hitch Itch... or ... RVTOCD!


R-ecreational V-ehicle T-inkering O-bsessive C-ompulsive D-isorder.

Either way... I'm cranky and restless. The sun has been shining. Hit nigh on to 80 degrees yesterday. I believe spring is dang close.

When I ride in to that 'day job'... I have a hard time turning into the parking lot. My heart... and that Fiery Red Raider says; "Noooooooo!.... just a few more miles!.... Puh-leeeeeeeeeese!" But... being the respectable... reliable... employee... (Ok... knock it off you guys... I'm bein' serious here!) I go ahead and stop for a day of joy... selling plumbing fittings and misc. nuts and bolts...

When I get back home... the Eagle asks; "I'm so bored my tires hurt... When you gonna take me out for a circle?!"

Henry David Thoreau where are you! :o)

And... that RVTOCD seems to be raisin' its' head fairly often... I suppose it gets fired up when you're tied down for a while... and the Hitch Itch is aggravated... My mind trying to keep me "In the game".

I had a conversation with a gal 'bout that subject yesterday... Seems I'm never quite finished with a project. I can do something that works just fine... but then I'll scheme an improvement... and go to tinkering and change up the whole deal... oh well... keeps me out of the bars I guess.

Projects I'm workin' on now, that have moved to the head of the line... ahead of the smaller RV Remodel projects I want to get finished up... are reworking the hitch on that '99 Cummins to open up the room to create my motorcycle carrier right there behind the cab.

Moving the motorcycle carrier to the flatbed on the truck opens up the tail of the Fifth wheel, where I plan to build and mount a fairly good sized cargo box I have planned... Its' purpose being for the storage of some 'camp accessories' (for sweet, long, camps) and the tools and materials for my Mobile RV Leather/journal 'studio'!

Then there's adding a couple more solar panels to bring our Solar array up closer to what I think we'll need long term, and an important piece of tinkering for an RV Boondocker... I've got a plan sketched out to hang two 40 gal+- RV water tanks under the truck bed. One for Fresh water... one for Black water... (haul black to town... bring the fresh back to camp)

If they work out like I'm scheming, they'll hang in a couple of Alum. Diamond Plate 'bins' a friend is gonna weld up for me... if things, such as 'price', work out ok...

I'm also back to twiddling a bit with the paint... I still want to flash up the rig, to replace the removed, weathered decals... I've come up with kind of an 'out of the box' idea for that as well... It's different... though not quite as gaudy as some of the designs I posted this past winter. :o) trying to get it settled out in my head...

Doing that... is sort of like trying to play that kids game... you know the one where you roll the lil' steel balls around to fill in the eyes, nose and such on a face?... So much... rollin' around in there, it's hard to get anything... settled! :o)

Plenty to do... and I'm sure it won't all get done before we crack out, as things seem to be coming together faster all the time... I'll make a good run at it though.

Just the same, the summer of 2010 threatens to be one for the Record books... 'least for my carcass!

Take Good Care

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John said...

Hi Brain, sounds like a real workable plan to me. I hope you get some pictures of the finished set-up. John

Anonymous said...

Patience, grasshopper, patience. Smile, chuckle, smile. Judy

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Don't get your "water tanks" mixed up...
Black water and drinking water, I mean. (yuck)

Brian said...

:o) ... Uh... kinda like drinkin' downstream from the herd huh?

Sharlotte campmacon said...

Brian, a little confused here. If you plan to use the back of the RV for storage, where is Heidi's cycle gonna ride?

Brian said...

She claims to be real happy just hangin' on to me, on the BIG bike!... :o) ... We're thinkin'... we may be 'planning' a "Base Camp" fairly "early" in things... likely for a winter camp... We'd ride two bikes when there... and also... another "tinkering" with rigs :o) (always tinkering!) ... that would make for a two bike rig... for our circles...

There's always some sort of 'scheming' goin' on 'round me... only way to know what I'm gonna do... is to see what I did! :o)