Friday, April 2, 2010

Sharlotte Nudged My Thinking Parts Again...

She made a comment yesterday, askin' 'bout Heidi's Motorcycle... and that gets a whole passel of things involved.

I've talked, a lot, about NOT chasing dollars... but chasing life instead. That's an easy thing to say... and a difficult bronc to ride!

Sharlotte's question got me pondering on that again... and I believe I've realized, I may have been slippin' up there a mite.

In all our planning, I've been trying to get everything including the kitchen sink, wedged into some part of the rig, and you know what? It ain't all gonna fit! :o) so... what Heidi and I had decided was that we'd just load one bike... that big new Yamaha Raider... and leave the V Star parked for use whenever we went to winter camp.

The stuff that I've been figuring to put, in the Slick's place, back in a purpose built cargo box on the tail of the fiver, was my tools and materials for what I'd planned to be a 'Mobile' Journal Studio...

OK... right up to the point that Sharlotte rattled my cage... and the thought occurred to me... OK... OK... Thoughts do happen for me once in a while!

The thought that I asked myself is this... "There's only 29 hours in a day... and you're already usin' 25 of 'em... with 4 or 5 or so for sleepin'... when is it, ya bowlegged pussgut... that you're gonna do all this Journal Buildin'?"

The thing is, that Journal work was thought of to be a supplemental "Camp Income"... but between Heidi's store... and the way my "Writing" is comin' along... I'm thinkin' that yet another 'activity' at this point is spreading myself too thin... too many irons in too many fires... and if I keep it up... that big noise you'll hear'll be my butt... crashing an' burning! :o)

That and it turns me back into that same Ol' rut... chasing dollars... for dollars sake... Instead of... LIVIN'! and falling back, into the Old, Failed ways is a path this ol' buster is unwilling to follow.

So... forget that nonsense! Slick... The V Star, will be occupyin' her place of Honor as Rear Guard on the Eagle... That Red Raider will climb up on the truck... and outside of a few tools in a small box or two, to keep my leather carvin' rust knocked off... those other things will have to wait, where ever we finally decide to set up a base camp.

I'll concentrate my efforts on word butcherin' and yarning. It hasn't been a skyrocket... but, for the last three years that work has come along, growing steadily and looks to be threatening to be a full time enterprise for me...

At least at the level I require... and if I dedicate to it, the work it deserves.

There's something in this, I think, for ever'body to ponder a bit on... Don't let life get lost in the turmoil of Livin'! Don't let the pressures to make a 'living'... consume the pleasures of that Life. Somewhere... we need to draw a line and say; "Today... I live!... and Bossman?... Ya'll can just Wait!"

and Sharlotte?... Thanks for the 'nudge'! :o)

Take Good Care

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1 comment:

Sharlotte campmacon said...

You are more than welcome Brian, glad to be of service. After all, what are friends for???? Thought I was catching a little bit of "chasing" coming through your plans. Load up those two bikes and you and Heidi have a wonderful time.